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Incredible Celebrity Eyes

I can’t really remember how I found this list but I have to say that I would like to add at least one more person to the list. I would like to add Peyton List. I originally saw her on an episode of Moonlight and remembered her because of her eyes when I recently watched The Tomorrow People. I personally find her eyes to be extremely striking and memorable.


Drinking Buddies

I usually get e-mails from BuddyTV to get my updates on TV shows, and I happened to find this in one of the e-mails. I have to agree with a few of them. I would love have drinks with Hetty, Abby, Neal Cassady, Diggle, and J.T.

Worst Celebrity Role Models

I can’t remember when or where I saw this but I have to agree. I think that people like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown, etc. are bad role models for preteen and teenagers.

Once Upon A Time – Regina Becoming Queen

You know, I was re-watching the first season of Once Upon A Time, and just watched the episode The Stableboy. I was just thinking after watching that episode and watching the episode from the second season where it explains Cora’s backstory…Why would Cora want Regina to marry Snow White’s father and become queen when Regina was a princess in her own right and was probably going to get her own throne? Because to me, it doesn’t make sense. To me, it makes more sense for Cora to have stopped what she was doing with Regina once Cora married the king and had Regina.


Johnny Depp vs. Blair Redford

Over the winter break, I kept seeing the previews to the TV show The Lying Game. While watching the previews, I kept seeing the guy on the left and thought to myself that he kinda reminds me of a younger Johnny Depp. Am I the only who thinks that? All I can say is that I can totally picture him playing Johnny Depp in a biography-type movie.


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