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The Sweetest Dark and The Darkest Night Review

Well, I finished The Sweetest Dark and The Darkest Night by Shana Abé. You can find summaries of the two books here. Anyway, I’m combining the two reviews because I feel that there wasn’t enough things for me to review for The Darkest Night in a separate review. Plus, for The Darkest Night, my review is mostly based on my review for The Sweetest Dark.

So, for The Sweetest Dark, I liked the premise of the book. However, I have my issues with the actual story. First off, I thought that there was not enough plot or character development. What I mean by that is not having read Shana Abé’s other drakón series, I have absolutely no idea any of the background for the drakóns, or who this Rue character is. I think that the author assumed that the reader had read her other drakón series and had some idea as to what was going on. I think that the author should have given a little bit more background on the drakóns than what was given in the books as well as make some sense of who this Rue character was. I also thought the character development was lacking. It seems to me that the author glazed over the character development in favor of the plot, especially at the end.

This leads me to my next issue. I found the main character of Lora was a little too much of a loner and didn’t really interact much with the minor characters outside of class. I mean, I realize that Lora does not have much in common with the other students because she comes from an orphanage and the other students are from privileged backgrounds, but I would think that Lora would have at least become friendly with someone other than Jesse. I also found that Lora was too much the type of person who does not really express herself to other people as much.

This leads me to my next issue: the relationship between Lora and Sophia. I found it to be weird. At first, it seemed like Sophia hated Lora because Lora was a charity student and had no sense of the privileged lifestyle. However, when Sophia became aware of how Lora had unintentionally captured Armand’s attention and it had irked Chloe, Sophia’s stepsister and who was interested in Armand, Sophia did a 180 and suddenly wanted to be friendlier to Lora. To me, I think the relationship between Lora and Sophia progressed too quickly. I think that Lora and Sophia’s relationship should have progressed a little slower than it actually did. I think it would have made for a much better story if their relationship progressed much slower than it actually did.

The last thing is that I thought that Lora took everything that Jesse in stride. I thought that Lora would have freaked out a little bit more.

Anyway, I think The Sweetest Dark is good for a summer read. As for The Darkest Night, I thought that it was much better than The Sweetest Dark.


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