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I was watching the uncensored version of The Pastoral Symphony from Fantasia. A little FYI, that’s the part where the centaurs were hooking up. Anyway, apparently the parts that were cut involved an African child-like centaur “serving” the “white” centaurs. Because of that, there were quite a bit of comments saying that the clip was racist. But I thought to myself, these people who are saying that the clip is racist aren’t putting Fantasia into context. When Fantasia originally came out in 1940, it probably was more acceptable to show African Americans as subservient. But if Fantasia came out more recently as it, it would have caused controversy and people wouldn’t watch it. I think this a case of how points of view can change within a few decades. Anyway, all I can say is that if you’re watching or reading something that was made a while back or is set in a different time period, remember that you have to put into context.

Fantasia – The Pastoral Symphony – UNCUT

The Shroud of Turin

I saw this documentary on the Shroud of Turin within the last month. Not to piss off anyone who thinks that the Shroud is legit but I don’t think it is the shroud that covered Jesus’ body. There are several reasons why I don’t think the Shroud is legit. The main reason is that the face on the Shroud looks too perfect for the Shroud to have been put onto a real person. If it was on a real person, then the image of the face would have been distorted. The second major reason was the blood stains on the wrists and ankles on the Shroud. Now, as far as I know, Jesus was dead when he was taken off the cross. Well, I would think that the blood stains would have been a lot smaller if the person was dead. So that made me think that the person was still alive when he was put into the Shroud, if it was put onto a real person. The last reason was the carbon-dating on the Shroud. According to the carbon-dating, the Shroud was from the Middle Ages. Anyway, there’s just too much inconsistencies for me to say that the Shroud is legit.
Shroud of Turin


Recently, I saw this documentary on Titanic. The reason I watched was because I have an interest in the Titanic. Anyway, that made me think. Why is there a lot of interest in the Titanic in the first place? I think that it’s mostly because of the tragedy behind it. So many people could have been saved if more people were put into the lifeboats in the beginning. Anyway, in all of my readings on the Titanic, the thing that I found the most interesting was the novella, Futility, written by Morgan Robertson. The similarities between the Titanic and the novella are so interesting. Anyway, that’s just I think.


I was channel surfing the TV recently and briefly saw T*Witches. The movies and the sequel is another movies series that were based on books that didn’t really follow the books. The first major thing is the physical descriptions of the twins. In the books, the twins started off as 14 year olds with auburn hair and gray eyes. And how many people are there who are of mixed-race descent that have auburn hair. The second major thing was the story lines. In the books, there’s no such thing as the Shadowlands, Aron wasn’t killed by Thantos, etc. All I can say is that the only thing that the books and movies have in common is the titles, the names of the major characters, and the fact that Coventry is separate place from where the twins live. In the books, Coventry is an island off the coast of Michigan or Massachusetts (I can’t remember which one). Keep in mind that the twins don’t live in that state. On the other hand, Coventry is a totally different dimension. Anyway, like I said, the books and movies do not have much in common.


The Pevensies

I was watching The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian recently. The scene that got me thinking was when Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Caspian were doing the attack on the Telmarine castle. I realized that me and my closest friends were just like the Pevensies in that scene. The oldest friend, who I’m going to call John, is a guy who is currently serving in the Middle East. John, I would say, is like Peter. He could probably kick butt if he were Peter’s shoes. Next would be me. I would be Susan’s counterpart. I’m the oldest girl, the second oldest overall, and I have a background in martial arts. Then comes Bob. Bob is third in age and would be Edmund’s counterpart. He also has a background in martial arts, albeit a different type of martial art from my background. Last, but not least, would be B-Shawty. She’s the youngest from the four of us, and most like Lucy. I say that because she has absolutely no background in any combat training, martial arts, or self-defense training. Because of that, I would put her in charge of helping the sick and wounded. Anyway, but when it comes to me, John, and Bob, I can also imagine us with different weapons and or having extra weapon skills. That’s assuming that we don’t have any type of guns, tanks, etc. With John, I can imagine him being able to use two swords. With Bob, I can imagine him with a sword, of course, and a bow & arrows. And with me, I imagine myself with a pair of sais and a bo, like how Gabrielle did in Xena: Warrior Princess. Anyway, I just found it interesting as to the parallels between the Pevensies and me and my friends.


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