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Witch Song Review

I finished reading Witch Song by Amber Argyle about two weeks ago, and I figured that I would write a review. A summary of the book can be found here. Just so you guys, I’m going to reveal some spoilers. So if you don’t want to know exactly what happens, don’t read further. Overall, I thought that the story was interesting. I found the idea that an untrained witch goes up against a powerful witch that other trained witches were unable to defeat to being interesting. However, my main problem with the story is the characters of Espen and Chancellor Grendi. Espen is the witch who kidnapped all of the other witches, with the exception of the main character of Brusenna, and turned them into trees. Chancellor Grendi is one of the head hanchos of a country in the world in which the story is set, and is the one responsible for hiring Espen to kidnap the witches. Now my problem with these two characters is the fact that there were no apparent reason why they were going after witches. I mean, Espen and Chancellor Grendi wouldn’t go after witches for no reason. I would think that there has to be a reason for it, like a witch killed a member of Chancellor Grendi’s family or a witch betrayed Espen. I don’t know. That’s my main problem with the story. The only other problem, which is relatively minor, is the fact that it seems like the book wasn’t proofread enough, because I saw a few grammatical errors such as not using commas appropriately. Anyway, other than that, I would recommend it for a light read.

Witch Song

Kenley’s Elimination

I know that I haven’t written about Project Runway All Stars, but I just had to write about Kenley’s elimination. I have to disagree with the judges. I think that Michael should have been eliminated. He did not do fulfill the challenge. Kenley did just that. I highly doubt that many women would wear what Michael designed unless they were either wearing it to the pool or the beach, or was a model.

Project Runway All Stars

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