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Incredible Celebrity Eyes

I can’t really remember how I found this list but I have to say that I would like to add at least one more person to the list. I would like to add Peyton List. I originally saw her on an episode of Moonlight and remembered her because of her eyes when I recently watched The Tomorrow People. I personally find her eyes to be extremely striking and memorable.


Drinking Buddies

I usually get e-mails from BuddyTV to get my updates on TV shows, and I happened to find this in one of the e-mails. I have to agree with a few of them. I would love have drinks with Hetty, Abby, Neal Cassady, Diggle, and J.T.

Worst Celebrity Role Models

I can’t remember when or where I saw this but I have to agree. I think that people like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown, etc. are bad role models for preteen and teenagers.

Orchestra Seating

I can’t remember when I read this post, but I find it to be so interesting. I never really thought about why each group of instruments were placed where they were in an orchestra or a band. But after reading the post, it makes sense.

The Book Fascist

I can’t remember exactly when I read this blog post, but after reading it, I had to laugh to myself. I feel the same way about my book and DVD collection. If anyone should ever put one of my books or DVDs out of place, I get a bit pissed off. I think I’m one of those people who live by the saying of “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

Fracture Review

I know this must be such a weird post to follow such a serious post that I just posted, but I think it sorta relates because both deal with death. Anyway, this post is a book review for the book Fracture by Megan Miranda. Please make sure you go to the link in order to get a brief synopsis of the book. Well, I finished the book last week and I thought that the premise of the book was a good one. However, I found the book a little bit hard to read. What I mean by that is that the author left so many loose ends. For example, the author doesn’t really explain what the ability the main character and another character have or how they came to have it. I mean, the main character does try to figure it out but the reasons she comes up are less than satisfactory. Another loose end was the actual ending of the book. I won’t give away what happens in the end, but to me, it feels extremely rushed. It seems to me that the author was trying to write an acceptable “cliff hanging” ending, but ran out of time before she had to turn in her book to her publisher. There are a few other loose ends in my opinion. In addition to the loose ends, I think that some of the characters, especially the main character, are undeveloped. I couldn’t completely relate to any of the characters. Plus, quite a few of the characters seem flip back and forth between one personality and another. Anyway, as a whole, I didn’t particularly care for the book. I think that the book was a good first try for the author but it just fell short. I would only it one and half stars out of a possible five.

The New Brad Pitt Chanel #5 Commercial

So, I’ve seen the new Brad Pitt Chanel #5 commercial and I’m confused by it. I don’t really get why Brad Pitt is the one advertising a perfume, especially one as iconic as Chanel #5. I mean, I can understand if he was advertising his own perfume, but like I said…Chanel #5? The only thing that I think could have made the commercial work is if he was dressed as Louis from Interview With The Vampire and it was advertised back when the movie came out. Either that, or change Brad out to another celebrity or change what was said.

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