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Benjamin Patterson vs. Denzel Washington

When I first saw College Road Trip and the scene with Tracy came up, I immediately thought, besides “Damn,” that “Tracy” aka Benjamin Patterson looked like a younger version of Denzel Washington. He really does look like a younger version of Denzel Washington. All I can say is that if Denzel’s life story ever gets turned into a movie, Benjamin Patterson could play him.

Denzel Washington

Paulina Porizkova vs. Gina Holden

As you know, I have an interest in the paranormal. Because of that, I usually watch tv shows that are related to the paranormal in some way. Well, one of the shows that I watch is called Celebrity Ghost Stories. The title is pretty self explanatory. Anyway, I watched the episode where Paulina Porizkova was on. When I saw the beginning of the show where it shows the celebrities telling their stories for that episode, I thought I saw Gina Holden. Now, keep in mind that I’m familiar with Gina Holden because of Supernatural and Harper’s Island. So, when I saw the beginning, I was thinking why Gina Holden was on the show. But it was eventually revealed to be Paulina Porizkova. To me, they look similar enough to warrant a double take.

Paulina Porizkova and Gina Holden

Is Gretchen The Next Irina?

After watching the team challenge episode, it made me think. Is it just me, or does Gretchen seem a lot like Irina from season six? They’re both good designers but somewhat conceited/arrogant. I don’t know. That’s just my impression.

Gretchen Jones

The Team Challenge

Wow. I haven’t written anything for Project Runway in a while. Anyway, I saw the team challenge episode a while ago and all I can say is that I’m shocked by what happened. Well, for one thing, I’m not surprised that Tim called Gretchen out on the fact that it seemed like she was the team leader when there wasn’t supposed to be any. However, personally, I think that Michael C. should have spoken up when he had the chance. As for the winning team, I have mixed feelings about them. On one hand, to me, their looks didn’t look quite as cohesive as the losing team’s. But on the other hand, the individual looks were very much like the respective designer. Anyway, I don’t like the fact that AJ had to go when he wasn’t the weakest link of the entire team, Michael C. included.

Project Runway Season 8

Pastor Terry Jones and the Burning of the Quran

I recently heard about Pastor Terry Jones, the pastor from Florida who wanted to burn a Quran, the Holy Book of Islam, tomorrow because he thinks that it’s evil. Personally, I think this guy is stupid. Did he even think about the consequences of his plans? If he did go through with it, he could have started a retaliation in the Middle Eastern countries that we’re in. Anyway, it’s one thing to believe that another religion is not the true religion or it’s evil, etc., but it’s not all right to burn its religious text or texts. And to top it off, to burn it on a day that is so culturally significant. However, even though I don’t condone it and strictly hypothetically speaking, if I were to burn the Quran in order to make a statement, I would have done it tomorrow, since it’s only the ninth anniversary. I would think it would be a more of a stronger statement if it was done next year, on the tenth anniversary. Of course, I would never burn the Quran. And if you’re wondering, there are different ways to spell the Quran.

Pastor Terry Jones

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