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Reading Books As A Job

I found this post on the Fresh Pressed. When I read this post, I realized that I’m not the only one who wants to read, review, and blog about books and movies as an ideal job. I would just love to be able to just sit around and read a book at my leisure, and actually get paid for it. The same applies to going to seeing movies and reviewing them by blogging. It would take a lot of stress off from finding a tedious job.

The Manwich Commercial

I have a problem with the Manwich commercial where the Manwich sandwich was in the vegetable garden play. In the commercial, the kid who was playing the corn said to the girl who was playing the Manwich sandwich that she wasn’t supposed to be there because she wasn’t a vegetable. But the Manwich girl said that she had a full serving of vegetables in every sandwich. The reason that I have a problem with it is because what the boy said is true. A Manwich is not actually a vegetable. It just has vegetables in it. It’s not the same as being an actual vegetable. So, by default, the Manwich shouldn’t have been put in the play.

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