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An Elderly Couples Dies In Elevator

I heard about this couple through the internet. I found this to be so tragic. I mean…to die of heat exhaustion because they were trapped in their elevator. But the thing that I found to be slightly unnerving, and not to blame anyone, was the fact that the couple could have prevented it by having the elevator checked. Their kids even told them to have it checked out.

The Woman With The Largest Breasts

I saw this article on Facebook through a friend. When I first read the article, I was horrified to learn that the woman had 38KKK breasts and that she had gotten breast augmentations to get them to be that size. What woman in her right mind would get boob jobs so that she would be that big? And what ethical plastic surgeon would let a woman do that? I would think that the plastic surgeon would know that this woman’s breast size would be way out of proportion. Anyway, I think this woman is crazy for having gotten so much boob jobs and to the extent that she did.

largest breasts

Sister Margaret Mary McBride’s Excommunication

I originally heard about this from one of my favorite authors about how Sister Margaret Mary McBride, a nun from Phoenix, Arizona, was excommunicated because she authorized an abortion for a woman who would have died if the pregnancy had continued. Personally, I have a problem with Bishop Thomas Olmsted, the man who excommunicated the nun. My problem is that the Bishop, as far as I know, didn’t get all of the information regarding the situation before he made the decision to excommunicate the Sister. Plus, it’s not like he was there when the Sister approved the abortion. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the Sister was torn between what her faith told her and what the situation was. And to be quite honest, I’m not surprised that she picked the lesser of two evils. In this case, I think that the abortion is the lesser of two evils because it was either have the woman keep the baby, risk her life, and possibly leaving four children motherless, or, doing the abortion, and definitely saving the mother and leaving her kids with a mother. Anyway, my other point is that I also hate it when people jump to conclusions without getting as much information as possible. In this case, I think that the excommunication of the Sister is a bit overkill, especially when you compare it to what the Catholic Church has not done in regards to the sex abuse scandals.

Sister Margaret Mary McBride

The Project Runway Season 8 Premiere

I watched the Project Runway season 8 premiere last night and all I can say is “Whoa.” There was so much going on. Well, first off, there was the whole way that the designers were introduced and how they didn’t meet at the Atlas, like how past seasons did. Then there was the bomb that Heidi and Tim dropped on the designers about how this episode was going to be the final audition part and that one or more designers were going home. All I can say that I was just flabbergasted by the challenge and how much time they had. I won’t say what happened but I think that the outfit that Casanova (that’s his real name) made was just tacky and vulgar. I mean, it looked like a badly made bikini and sarong. I honestly thought that the judges would have sent Casanova home instead of McKell. MeKell’s outfit was, in my opinion, better than Casanova’s outfit. Anyway, as for my opinion on the designers, I have a sneaky feeling that Peach (her real name) is going to be like Laura from season 3, in terms of showing outfits that are more focused on a more mature audience. As for who I would root for, I’m a bit wary of rooting or Andy and Ivy, who both have ties to Hawaii. I say that because of what happened with Jay, who also has ties to Hawaii, from last season. I’ll just wait and see how the designers do in the upcoming episodes to make a judgement. Anyway, the last thing that I want to write about is the lack of Models of the Runway. I wonder why there was no Models of the Runway after the premiere. I actually liked the show.

Project Runway Season 8

The Road Trip Episode

Well, I know I’m late on commenting on the most recent episode of Holly’s World but I’ll do it anyway. First, I’m glad that the episode showed more of Holly, and had Angel and Laura more in the background. The thing that had me concerned was the comment that Holly made about how Bridget met Nick at the Playboy Mansion. When I heard that comment, I was thinking, What? She’s one to talk. I mean, think abut it. Holly met Hef, of course, at the Mansion, mainly because it was his house. Anyway, my point is how can Holly criticize where Bridget met Nick when it was Hef who got her current fame going?

Holly's World

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