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William and Kate’s Wedding Impressions

As you guys know, today was Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. All I can say is wow. Well, this is just a post giving my impressions of a portion of William and Kate’s wedding. Anyway, I really like Kate’s dress. When I first saw it, I thought “It’s very Kate.” But as I looked at the dress and hearing the commentary, it reminded me of Grace Kelly would wear. It seems like Kate’s dress was inspired, a little bit, by Grace Kelly’s wedding dress and clothes worn during the 1950s. Anyway, based on the footage that I saw so far, there was one part that I found a little bit funny. I know there’s nothing really funny about a wedding ceremony, but when the Right Reverend Dr. Richard Chartres was talking about marriage, it made me think of the wedding scene from The Princess Bride. I think what it was is the fact that the scene was a royal wedding. Anyway, those were just my first impressions on what happened for William and Kate’s wedding.

Kate Middleton's wedding dress

Grace Kelly's wedding dress

Jaime Campbell Bower As Armand

You know, I put up a video showing my ideal cast for the Vampire Chronicles. Anyway, as a result, there are other videos that show other people’s ideal cast. I watched several of those videos and I noticed that a lot of people, myself included, put Jaime Campbell Bower as Armand. I find it interesting that quite a few people did that. I mean, is there so few actors out there right now that are a bit androgynous and that could pass for a 17-year-old?

Is Phil Davison Crazy?

I saw this clip of Phil Davison’s speech from September 8, 2010 through my current English class. As I watched it, I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean, the way that he presented himself and his speech? I get that some people will say that he’s “passionate” about what he’s saying and doing, but that’s no excuse for sounding and looking incompetent. I mean, he doesn’t have to yell his speech. We can hear him just fine. It also seems like, based on he’s presenting his speech, that he feels like he’s being attacked for his beliefs and is upset by it. And how screwed up is it that he misquoted his supposedly “favorite” quote? I just can’t take this seriously as a politician. If he’s serious about continuing being a politician, he should learn how to compose himself accordingly. I mean, have you ever seen a successful politician shout his or her speech, constantly look at his or her written speech, or pace behind the podium like he did? He has to remember that to be a politician, he’s going to be in the public eye and is going to be held to a higher standard of behavior and decorum.

Kids Reading 50 Books A Year

I saw this post on the fresh pressed. You know, I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I want to encourage kids to read more because it has many benefits like an increased vocabulary. On the other hand, I know that with me, if I feel like I’m forced to read, like for school or having a goal of reading 50 books in a year, it takes the fun out of reading and makes me want to read less. So, by association, I would think that other people would be the same way. They wouldn’t want to read 50 books in year if they felt like they were forced to.

Holding Kids Back A Year

I read this article and I have to admit that I don’t agree with holding back a kid in school just because the parents wants the kid to be more advanced than his or her classmates or because the kid was born in the later months. The way that I look at it is that just because the kid was born “late,” that doesn’t mean that the kid is totally incapable of keeping up with his or her “earlier” born classmates. I mean, I have friends who were born “late” but were able to keep up with everybody else. Anyway, personally, I don’t agree with holding a kid back a year to give him or her an advantage over his or her classmates.

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