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William and Kate’s Wedding Impressions

As you guys know, today was Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. All I can say is wow. Well, this is just a post giving my impressions of a portion of William and Kate’s wedding. Anyway, I really like Kate’s dress. When I first saw it, I thought “It’s very Kate.” But as I looked at the dress and hearing the commentary, it reminded me of Grace Kelly would wear. It seems like Kate’s dress was inspired, a little bit, by Grace Kelly’s wedding dress and clothes worn during the 1950s. Anyway, based on the footage that I saw so far, there was one part that I found a little bit funny. I know there’s nothing really funny about a wedding ceremony, but when the Right Reverend Dr. Richard Chartres was talking about marriage, it made me think of the wedding scene from The Princess Bride. I think what it was is the fact that the scene was a royal wedding. Anyway, those were just my first impressions on what happened for William and Kate’s wedding.

Kate Middleton's wedding dress

Grace Kelly's wedding dress

Never Had A Dream Come True Lyrics

Almost three months ago, I went to a second cousin’s wedding. One of the songs that was playing while we were waiting for the reception to start was S Club 7’s Never Had A Dream Come True. Having listened to the song a gazillion times before the wedding, I thought to myself, what an inappropriate song to play at a wedding. I know a lot of you will gripe about how it is an appropriate song but hear me out. Try and take a closer look at the lyrics. To me, the song is talking about this failed relationship and how the singer wishes that he or she could get the significant other back. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want to have a song about a failed relationship to be playing at my wedding. It wouldn’t really bode well for the marriage.

Never Had A Dream Come True

The Honeymooners

I can’t remember how I found out about this couple, but I think it’s ridiculous that this couple wasn’t able to book a hotel room just because both were under 21 years old. I mean, I can understand where the hotel is coming from because they don’t want to take the chance of someone having an underage drinking party. But really…They’re going to deny an underage military couple just because they’re underage?

“One Of Us”

I don’t know why I thought of this but I thought of this movie that I had to watch for my Freaks and Monsters class. Anyway, the movie was Tod Browning’s 1932 Freaks. The movie was about this traveling circus that has people that have physical conditions. Anyway, in the wedding scene, everybody but Cleopatra, the trapeze artist/bride, Hans, the little person/groom, and Hercules, the Strongman/Cleo’s lover, were chanting “one of us” because they accepted Cleopatra as one of them. Anyway, the point that my teacher brought up was the same as my Phantom of the Opera/Beauty and the Beast post. The movie influenced other types of media. One case is I, Robot. The scene that I’m referring to is when Sonny is running from Will Smith’s character. When Sonny is running, he hides himself in the huge group of robots. When Will’s character questions the robots, they were like “one of us” in regards to Sonny. I, Robot is not the only movie that was influenced by Freaks. I didn’t know this but there was a South Park episode and Pinhead by the Ramones that makes references to the movie. Anyway, I just found it interesting. Oh, and for more information on Freaks, you can go to this website.

gooble gobble

South Park

Kendra’s Pregnancy and Wedding

The first thing that I want to do is congratulate Kendra on her pregnancy and marriage to Hank Baskett, even though it’s been a month since she announced the pregnancy and about two weeks since she got married. You know, to quite honest, I’m surprised that Kendra got pregant so soon. I thought that it would have been Holly that got married and pregnant first. But I’m happy for Kendra. Based on what I’ve seen of Hank on Kendra’s show, I think that he’s good for her and that he’s a good man in general. Anyway, congratulations again to Kendra and Hank on the marriage and Kendra’s pregnancy.
Kendra and Hank

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