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A Teardrop Review, Part One

So, I have been reading Teardrop by Lauren Kate since I finished reading Spellcaster by Claudia Grey. Just a little FYI, this review is going to be only talking about the prologue and the first thirteen chapters. First off, if you don’t know what the premise of the book is just yet, you can do so here. Second, if you don’t want to find out what the premise of the book is just yet, then leave now because I’ll be revealing a little bit of information. Now, as far as the actual review as of the end of chapter thirteen…there’s not a lot that I can review thus far. The only thing that I feel comfortable talking about right now is that I believe that two characters were outright named after real people that were known for talking about the Atlantis story. The two characters that I’m talking about are Maya Cayce and Madame Blavatsky. I’m pretty sure that Maya Cayce is supposed to be based on Edgar Cayce. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Maya helps the main character later on in the book in some way. I also think that Madame Blavatsky is based on Helena Blavatsky. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming chapters.


A Mini Project Update

So, it’s only been a week since I’ve started doing the mini project, and I already have to cut back on the amount of posts. Over the weekend, I was thinking to myself, What the hell was I thinking saying that I would try to do two posts a week, with one dealing with TV shows and movies? I’m constantly backed up on my shows, and I don’t go to the movies that often. Even then, most of the time, I don’t do a lot of reviews on movies. So, with that in mind, I’m going to only do weekly posts on whatever book I am reading, and do the occasional post on my TV shows (the ones that make me want to write a post on) and the movies that I watch.

Spellcaster Review

So, this is my second book review for this week, although I finished the book last week. So, the book that I’m going to review is Spellcaster by Claudia Grey. I have to say that I liked the basic premise of the book where the main character, who is a witch, comes to a “new” town and sees that the town has magic all of it. The main character tries to figure out why this town has so much magic in it. Anyway, like I said, I like the premise but I didn’t like a few things about it. What I mean by that is that I thought the characters and the plot were not as well developed as I would like to have seen as well the fact that the points-of-view change within the chapters. As for the development of the characters, I don’t know if it’s just because it’s the first book or if it’s because the author didn’t think everything through. I also felt that the author left me asking more questions that I had answers for in terms of plot and characters, which I will put at the end of this post. As for the points-of-view changing several times within a huge chapter, I would much rather see the points-of-view divided into smaller chapters as they changed as opposed to having many different points-of-view in one huge chapter. Anyway, I would recommend this book if you don’t mind the stuff I mentioned. And here are the questions that I had from reading the book, but don’t go any further if you haven’t read the book yet.

  • How does Nadia know so much about witchcraft if she is only half-trained? Did Nadia’s mother start training her when she was young?
  • Why did Nadia’s mother leave Nadia’s father?
  • Why didn’t Nadia’s mother train Nadia more or introduce her to other witches if she knew she was going to leave Nadia’s father?
  • How did Nadia figure out that Elizabeth was a witch when Nadia hadn’t met any other witch other than her own mother? And how did Nadia know that Elizabeth was stronger than any living witch, for the same reason?
  • How do spells work? Are they just “general” incantations that the witch says with her own unique memories and charms?
  • What’s the difference between a witch and a Sorceress? Is a Sorceress just a witch gone extremely bad?
  • How did Nadia remember her confrontation with Elizabeth if Elizabeth made her forget the confrontation?
  • Why did Elizabeth target the Cabot family? Is there something special about the Cabots that made them excellent people to carry a curse? Or was it something that the first cursed Cabot did to Elizabeth that made her curse the entire Cabot family?
  • Why did Elizabeth kill Verlaine’s parents? Did they see or hear something that they weren’t to see or hear? And why did that affect Verlaine’s hair? Was Verlaine there when her parents were killed and the graying of Verlaine’s hair was an unfortunate side-effect? And why did Elizabeth cast a spell on Verlaine so that Verlaine was socially invisible to the town’s student population?
  • Spellcaster

A Shadow Of Night Review

        So, I guess this will be my first post of my project, although the review is way overdue. Well, first off, I have to say that I did not finish the book. I was only able to get the part where Diana and Matthew got the letter from Matthew’s father to come to Sept Tours, and them going to Sept Tours, mainly because to me, the book began to read like a history book. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want to feel like I’m reading a history book when I’m actually reading a fiction book. So, my review of A Shadow of Night is only based everything up until Matthew and Diana going to Sept Tours.
        Anyway, I would have to say that if you’ve read my review on A Discovery of Witches, then a good portion of the problems I saw in A Discovery of Witches are also in A Shadow of Night. For example, the issue of plot and character development. In A Shadow of Night, ironically, the first part of the book felt so slow. I don’t really expect that to happen in the second book in a series. I always expect that the beginning of every sequel in a book series should get into the action within the first fifty pages or thereabouts. I mean, I get that Matthew and Diana wanted to get acclimated into Elizabethan England, but I mean, there’s only so much I can take before I’m like, “Come on, get into the action already, have the characters do what they went to Elizabethan England for.” You know what I mean? Also, with Diana and her cover story and obsession with doing what a proper high class Elizabethan wife should be doing. First off, why didn’t Matthew and Diana come up with a cover story before they went back in time? I think that would have saved some time. Second, I get that Diana has to keep up a rouse to the outside world and pretend that she is a high class Elizabethan wife, but does she have to obsess over things that are irrelevant such as how to write in Elizabethan script or the proper terms for clothing, etc.?
        Another example is again, the amount of characters in the book, especially the fact that the author named dropped so many famous people from that time period. I mean, I get that Matthew was a member of the elite class during Elizabethan England and he was bound to interact with a lot of famous people from the time period, but I mean, given that the average Joe Blow, like myself, doesn’t really have as much of an interest in history as an historian, like the author is, it’s hard to keep track of so many different famous people from Elizabethan England.
        Anyway, personally, I wouldn’t recommend the book to anyone if they’re not interested in Elizabethan history.

A Mini Project

So, I have been thinking about having a recurring theme to this blog after I read this post. The reason that it struck a chord with me was because I realized that I haven’t really been posting as much as I used and I found that to be a little bit sad. I mean, I kept up this blog for a reason and that was to post things that I was thinking about at the time. So, I was thinking, what is there for me to write about that I can keep up and do in a regular fashion? I don’t want to write about school because I am almost done and don’t feel entirely comfortable having it posted where anyone can read it. I’m not currently working and wouldn’t write about it because again, anyone can read it, even if I had a job. It’s the same with talking about my friends and family. The only things that are constant in my life that I feel comfortable talking about on a blog right now are movies, TV shows, and of course, books. So, I thought, I’ll mainly focus on movies, TV shows and the books I’ve read. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do at least two posts a week, one talking about the book that I’m reading during that week, and another dealing with the shows that I’ve watched during the week.

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