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Incredible Celebrity Eyes

I can’t really remember how I found this list but I have to say that I would like to add at least one more person to the list. I would like to add Peyton List. I originally saw her on an episode of Moonlight and remembered her because of her eyes when I recently watched The Tomorrow People. I personally find her eyes to be extremely striking and memorable.


UK Glamour’s 31 Sexiest Movie Vamps

Again, I know this article came out a while, but I have a few problems with this list. My biggest problem with this list is the fact there are vampires from TV shows like Angel and Spike from Buffy, or the vampires from True Blood or the Vampire Diaries. The reason why I have a problem with that is because the list is called the sexiest movie and vampires, and those vampires are from TV shows. That leads me to my next problem. Even if you took out the TV vampires, in my opinion, there are way too many vampires from Twilight. It’s way too much. Anyway, my last problem is the fact that Robert Pattinson is number one on the list. I’m sorry, but he is not that good looking. Personally, I think that Ian Somerhalder, David Boreanaz, and Kellan Lutz are much more better looking.

Robert Pattinson

Chilly Down From Labyrinth

I was watching Labyrinth recently and saw the part with the song Chilly Down. It kinda reminded me of the music from the Beach Boys. And because of that, it reminded me of songs that surfers might listen to. Doesn’t it sound like surfer music? I just found it to be funny.

Sarah from Labyrinth

On Halloween, I went to this Halloween party with a friend of mine at her school. A little FYI, we don’t go to the university and we met in high school. Anyway, at the party, I noticed this girl who was dressed up as Sarah from Labyrinth. At first, I didn’t know that she was supposed to be Sarah. So, I went up to her and asked her what she was supposed to be. So, she told me and I got it. Apparently, when she told everybody else who she was supposed to be, no one got it until me. I just found it interesting because apparently Labyrinth isn’t that popular with my generation.

Tim Burton and Labyrinth

I was watching this Labryinth music video the other day, which I’m not going to upload because it’s not mine, and I thought to myself, Tim Burton would have been a great director for Labyrinth. I don’t know why I thought that. I think what it is is that Tim Burton’s movies and Labryinth has a very similar aesthetic. The only thing that I would be concerned about would be all the puppet use in Labyrinth. Anyway, that’s just what I think.

Tim Burton

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