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The Darkness Before Dawn Series Review

Well, I recently finished reading the Darkness Before Dawn series by J.A. London. I have to say that I liked the series. I liked the fact that it had action-packed scenes as well as take-a-deep-breath scenes. However, I have two questions that I thought weren’t really answered in the series. One of the questions involves the issue of the lack of Old Family female vampires and having naturally born vampires. My question is would there be enough Old Family female vampires to keep up a relatively viable Old Family vampire population. Because the book series made it seem like there’s a huge disparity between how many male and female vampires are born, with it skewed towards males. Plus, I would think that with so few Old Family female vampires, the female vampires had to have vampire children with a member of another Old Family vampire. So, that makes me think that all of the Old Family vampires would eventually be related to each other. Anyway, my second question deals with Octavian Montgomery and his family. How is it that only his family is the only Old Family that could reproduce with humans? And how did his family figure out that they could reproduce with humans? Did a Montgomery male have sex with a human female, and the woman got pregnant? Did the other Old Families try to reproduce with humans as well, and it just didn’t work? If that’s the case, what makes the Montgomery family different from the other Old Families? Anyway, I would recommend the series.
Darkness Before Dawn series

Summit At Sunset Review

So, I finished reading Summit At Sunset by Jaz Primo. Personally, I thought that the book was ok. I have to admit that this particular book was extremely action packed. And I liked how it revealed that Katrina and Caleb were not the only ones who were involved in a vampire/human relationship. However, I’m beginning to dislike the fact that the Katrina/Caleb is beginning to seem a lot like the Edward/Bella relationship Twilight. What I mean by that is the vampire in the relationship constantly has to either protect the human from other vampires or get the human out of some kind of trouble, usually by having other ally vampires keep the human in some kind of extreme measure. I don’t know if it’s just because of the nature of a vampire/human relationship that includes the human being in danger, whether it’s from other vampires or otherwise, that the vampire needs to protect the human from, but I’m getting a little tired of reading and watching vampire/human relationships. But that’s another issue. Anyway, like I said earlier, I thought that the book was ok. And to be quite honest, I would only recommend the book if you have read and liked the first two books, and want to continue the series.

Summit At Sunset

A Shadow Of Night Review

        So, I guess this will be my first post of my project, although the review is way overdue. Well, first off, I have to say that I did not finish the book. I was only able to get the part where Diana and Matthew got the letter from Matthew’s father to come to Sept Tours, and them going to Sept Tours, mainly because to me, the book began to read like a history book. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want to feel like I’m reading a history book when I’m actually reading a fiction book. So, my review of A Shadow of Night is only based everything up until Matthew and Diana going to Sept Tours.
        Anyway, I would have to say that if you’ve read my review on A Discovery of Witches, then a good portion of the problems I saw in A Discovery of Witches are also in A Shadow of Night. For example, the issue of plot and character development. In A Shadow of Night, ironically, the first part of the book felt so slow. I don’t really expect that to happen in the second book in a series. I always expect that the beginning of every sequel in a book series should get into the action within the first fifty pages or thereabouts. I mean, I get that Matthew and Diana wanted to get acclimated into Elizabethan England, but I mean, there’s only so much I can take before I’m like, “Come on, get into the action already, have the characters do what they went to Elizabethan England for.” You know what I mean? Also, with Diana and her cover story and obsession with doing what a proper high class Elizabethan wife should be doing. First off, why didn’t Matthew and Diana come up with a cover story before they went back in time? I think that would have saved some time. Second, I get that Diana has to keep up a rouse to the outside world and pretend that she is a high class Elizabethan wife, but does she have to obsess over things that are irrelevant such as how to write in Elizabethan script or the proper terms for clothing, etc.?
        Another example is again, the amount of characters in the book, especially the fact that the author named dropped so many famous people from that time period. I mean, I get that Matthew was a member of the elite class during Elizabethan England and he was bound to interact with a lot of famous people from the time period, but I mean, given that the average Joe Blow, like myself, doesn’t really have as much of an interest in history as an historian, like the author is, it’s hard to keep track of so many different famous people from Elizabethan England.
        Anyway, personally, I wouldn’t recommend the book to anyone if they’re not interested in Elizabethan history.

UK Glamour’s 31 Sexiest Movie Vamps

Again, I know this article came out a while, but I have a few problems with this list. My biggest problem with this list is the fact there are vampires from TV shows like Angel and Spike from Buffy, or the vampires from True Blood or the Vampire Diaries. The reason why I have a problem with that is because the list is called the sexiest movie and vampires, and those vampires are from TV shows. That leads me to my next problem. Even if you took out the TV vampires, in my opinion, there are way too many vampires from Twilight. It’s way too much. Anyway, my last problem is the fact that Robert Pattinson is number one on the list. I’m sorry, but he is not that good looking. Personally, I think that Ian Somerhalder, David Boreanaz, and Kellan Lutz are much more better looking.

Robert Pattinson

Glee And The Vampire Diaries

I can’t remember how the subject came up but I was talking to a friend about me not watching shows like Glee and The Vampire Diaries based on my interests in musicals and vampires. Anyway, my friend asked why I don’t watch those tv shows and I said that just because I like musicals and vampires, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to watch every show, movie, etc., out there that deals with musicals or vampires. My point is that just because someone has an interest in something, that doesn’t mean that the person will watch, listen, read, etc., anything and everything related to that subject. Take music as an example. Just because a person likes music, that doesn’t mean that the person will like all kinds of music. The person might just like classical, or just rap, or just pop. Anyway, I’m just saying that people shouldn’t think that a person will everything in a particular subject.

Glee and The Vampire Diaries

The Nomadic Vampires vs. The Cullens

I was thinking about what makes people like the Cullens more than the nomadic vampires from Twilight. I was thinking about it because I was watching the extras from the 2 disc DVD set. Anyway, in the extra that I watched talked about the vampires. The point that was brought up was that when it comes to the vampires in Twilight series and what they do, it all boils down to choices. With the nomadic vampires, they embrace who and what they are, by drinking human blood and going anywhere and everywhere that they need to go. The Cullens, on the other hand, abstain from drinking human blood and live in just one place. The choices basically boils down to whether or not you want to conform, like the nomadic vampires, or be rebellious, like the Cullens. So, in that sense, I can see why people like the Cullens more than the nomadic vampires, and not to mention, the series as a whole because of the romance factor. Personally, I don’t like the Cullens in all of their choices, except one. Well, first off, the one choice that I don’t mind is that they don’t drink human blood. Anyway, the main reason that I don’t like the Cullens overall is that they’re trying to be humans when they’re not humans anymore. In essence, they’re trying to be something that they’re not. I think I would have liked the Cullens more if they were more in the middle ground. What I mean is that they can maintain their diet of animal blood instead of human blood, but they should also realize that they can’t really change the fact that they’re vampires and not humans. Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

Lestat vs. Louis

I was just thinking. Why is that more people like Lestat than Louis from The Vampire Chronicles? I mean, is it because Lestat is a badass and a rule breaker? Or is it because Louis is too human and because of that, he’s not that appealing? I was just thinking too. Could it be that Lestat has more of sex appeal because of his looks? Because Louis is only known for his green eyes and his curly black hair, at least in terms of his looks. Lestat, on the other hand, is described more in details. He’s known for his blond hair, violet eyes, smiles, etc. Anyway, I just don’t get it.
Louis and Lestat

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