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The Failed Abortion

I saw this article that was posted by a friend on Facebook. It talked about this doctor, from Florida, who performs second trimester abortions lost his medical license because he accidentally killed the “healthy” twin, instead of the twin with Down Syndrome. After the doctor realized that he got the “wrong” twin, he aborted the other twin. Ok, now I’m all for abortion, and I know I’m going to get flak for that. But when I read this article, I would have to disagree with the woman who got the abortion in the first place. In the article, it said that the woman had gotten pregnant through in-vitro fertilization. Now, what I have a problem with is that the woman got through pregnant through IF. If this woman was desperate enough to go through IF to get pregnant, I would think that she wouldn’t want to abort the pregnancy. In addition to that, I don’t agree with second trimester abortion. Anyway, that’s just what I think.

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