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Pocahontas and Hunchback Of Notre Dame

I was thinking…I’m not surprised that Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame didn’t do quite as well as the other classic Disney movies. In my opinion, I think it’s because both movies dealt with mature subjects for a Disney movie. Because if you think about it, in Pocahontas, it deals with racial issues, greed, etc. In Hunchback of Notre Dame, it deals with religious issues, physical conditions, etc. I think that those were too mature for rated G movies. I can understand if it was for a PG-13 movie, but I think it was inappropriate.

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Disney: 1990s vs. 2000s

As I was doing my “research” for all of my classic Disney related blogs, I noticed that there were quite a few of comments that said that the movies from the ’90s are so much better than the more recent stuff. Case in point would the comment that veranasy16 made. This person said that he/she misses old Disney and the he/she won’t get bored watching stuff like The Lion King no matter how old he/she gets. Now, I’m a bit biased because I was raised on the ’90s movies and whatnot, but I have to agree with comments like that. I’m not saying the stuff nowadays is crap, but there’s a reason why the classics are called classics. I can’t really explain it. I think what it might be is the stuff from the ’90s is the best of cartoon animation. The current stuff, I think, is the best of computer animation. Although, I think stuff like High School Musical is kinda crappy. Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

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