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The ALA Most Challenged Books Of The 2000s

As a result of seeing the Twilight Saga being on a most challenged list, it led me to the ALA list for 2000-2009. As expected, the Harry Potter series was way higher on the list than Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. Although, I think that His Dark Materials should have been higher on the list for reasons that I mentioned in this post. Anyway, the book that surprised me the most was Bridge To Terabithia by Katherine Patterson. Now, keep in mind that it’s been a while since I have read the book but I saw the 2007 movie adaptation. Anyway, based on what I remember of the movie, I can’t really see the justification for the book being challenged. Now, on the list, the reason that was given as to why it was challenged was that a death was crucial to the storyline. Personally, I think that’s a load of B.S. I say that because there are other stories out there that are worse in terms of deaths being a crucial plot element.

Bridge To Terabithia

Edward/Bella vs. Jesse/Winnie

For the first session of summer school, I’m taking this class called Intro to Creative Writing: Magical Worlds. Anyway, one of things we had to read a few pages of Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. Because of that, it made me think. The relationship between Jesse and Winnie, at least based on the 2002 movie adaptation, kinda reminds me of the relationship between Edward and Bella. I say that because the guy is physically stuck at about 17 years old and was born around 100 years before the story is set. In addition to that, the girl has the option of becoming like her respective guy. Anyway, that’s just what I think.

Edward, Bella, Jesse, Winnie

Bill Condon As The Breaking Dawn Director

Now, I know the news about Bill Condon being the director for Breaking Dawn has been out for a while now but I just wanted to share my opinion. I honestly haven’t seen any of his movies, so I can’t really say whether or not he would be a good director for Breaking Dawn. All I can say is that I hope he does a good job or else there will be a lot of angry fan girls.

Bill Condon

Jodelle Ferland As Bree

With Eclipse coming out at the end of the month, it made me think. I think that Jodelle Ferland will make an excellent Bree. I say that because she plays creepy characters so well. Keep in mind I have only seen in the season one episode of “Provenance” from Supernatural. However, I’ve heard that she did well in Silent Hill. Anyway, I really think that they chose the perfect person to play Bree.


Kristen Stewart and Marguerite Moreau

When I saw the fan made extended trailer, at about 1:49, Kristen Stewart looked like Marguerite Moreau. Marguerite is best known for being in the Mighty Ducks movies and Queen of the Damned as Jesse. Anyway, it was just for a split second and that’s just what I think.

Marguerite Moreau

Are Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower Engaged?

I stumbled upon this video through watching an extended version of the Eclipse trailer. In the video, it talked about how there are rumors that Bonnie Wright, who plays Ginnie Weasley in Harry Potter, and Jamie Campbell Bower, who played Caius and Anthony in New Moon and Sweeney Todd, are engaged to be married. When I first heard that, I was like “What?” Anyway, if the rumors are true, I think that they should wait until they are a little bit older. I say that for two reasons. The first reason is that Bonnie and Jamie are young. I mean Jamie is only a few months younger than me. And from what I understand, Bonnie is about two to three years younger than me and Jamie. Since I’m still 21, that would make Bonnie about 19ish. Now, I’ve heard that young married couples, where both people are in their early 20s, the marriage usually doesn’t last very long. So, based on that factor alone, I think they should wait. Anyway, the second reason is that both Bonnie and Jamie are celebrities. And everybody who hasn’t been living under a rock also knows that when two celebrities get married to each other, their marriage usually doesn’t last very long either. So, when you combine the youth and celebrity factor into the marriage, it’s most likely going to fail. I’m not saying that if the rumors are true and they actually get married, that the marriage will automatically fail. However, Bonnie and Jamie would have a lot stacked against them.

A New Edward Bashing Picture

I was looking for any new Lestat vs Edward pictures, and I stumbled upon this picture. This is partially why I don’t like Edward. And I think the picture is pretty self-explantory.

Edward is a Stalker

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