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Like in my previous post, I was reading an essay from In The Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural.  The essay was Horror, Humanity, And The Demon in the Mirror by Dr. Gregory Stevenson.  Anyway, as I was reading the essay, an interesting point was brought up.  The point was that brought up was that TV shows, books, plays, etc., have metaphors for reality.  I found it to be true because in a way, it’s true.  Case in point would be all of the monsters that Sam and Dean hunt and kill.  You could say that these monsters are the things that we fear in real life such as financial, family, or relationship issues.  That in turn made me think about this point that my Freaks and Monsters teacher brought up.  In the class, things like the fairgrounds, medical conditions, etc., was taught.  Anyway, one of the things that was brought up in class was the book, Frankenstein by Mary Shelly.  In the book, the way that Frankenstein was brought to life through electricity.  Well, apparently, when the book was written, electricity was relatively new.  Since it was new, it wasn’t well understood by the public.  And people tend to fear what they don’t know or understand.  So, it’s understandable that electricity was used as a horror device in the book.  Well, my point is that we use things that we don’t know, understand well, or fear as scary devices.  Anyway, I think that both points are interesting.

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An Interesting Interpretation

I was reading Another Roadside Attraction by Maria Lima from In The Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural.  In the essay, the author talks about how the Trickster relates to Supernatural.  Anyway, one of the points that was brought up is that Sam and Dean are kinda tricksters themselves.  If you think about it, that’s true because they con their way through life.  They would dress up as FBI agents, doctors, etc., with fake IDs, in order to get into places.  They also commit credit card fraud by using fake names.  Another way that they could be interpreted as tricksters is that they wreak havoc on the paranormal world.  Anyway, the stuff I brought up is from essay.  Personally, I just found that point to be interesting.

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