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Alice’s Premonitions

I was just thinking about Breaking Dawn as the end result of a Twilight train of thought because of the New Moon DVD having come out this past Saturday. Anyway, I have a slight problem with the Bella parts of Breaking Dawn. The problem that I have is why couldn’t Alice have seen that Renesmee’s existence would cause problems with the Volturi before Renesmee was born. The way that I see it is that Alice was able to see Bella’s pregnancy and therefore put birth control pills into Bella’s luggage when Bella and Edward went on their honeymoon. So, by extension, Alice would have seen the future problems. Now, I know that Alice can’t see Renesmee’s future because Alice was never a vampire/human hybrid. But I’m thinking in terms of either Bella or Edward’s futures. Anyway, that’s just what I think.


Edward vs. Jacob

I was recently looking at the forums on the page for the paperback copy for Eclipse and one of the posts talked about who would you choose between Edward and Jacob, and how old each person was. Anyway, a majority of the replies were for Edward and had a wide range of ages, while the rest for Jacob or neither. Now, keep in mind that I have only read Twilight, New Moon, and the preface and the first chapter of Eclipse. I still have to read Breaking Dawn. In either case, I don’t really know how Edward or Jacob act in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as of yet. However, based on Twilight and New Moon, I personally choose Jacob over Edward. No offense to Edward fans but I find him to be a bit too old fashioned for me, in terms of personality. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t want my guy to open the door for me every once in while, but I wouldn’t want to be treated like I’m a piece of glass either. I would rather have my guy be more like Jacob, personality wise. Anyway, that’s just my opinion and keep in mind that it was formed only on the first two books.
Taylor and Robert

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