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David Sutcliffe vs. Chris O’Donnell

As a lot of you know, I watch NCIS and saw Chris O’Donnell as G. Callen in the L.A. spinoff. Anyway, I occasionally watch Gilmore Girls. Well, recently, I watched an episode of Gilmore Girls and saw the guy who plays Rory’s dad. As I watching the episode, I was thinking to myself, Why does he look so familiar? Then it dawned on me that he looked like Chris O’Donnell. I swear, they could pass for brothers.

Chris O'Donnell and David Sutcliffe

Poppi Monroe vs. Anne Dudek

I recently saw Poppi Monroe on the Disney Channel movie Double Teamed and it dawned on me that she reminds me of Anne Dudek, aka Cutthroat Bitch from House. I didn’t realize it until I saw Double Teamed. I think what it is is that they have similar face structures and that they’re both blond.

Anne Dudek and Poppi Monroe

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