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Toddlers Wearing Heels Is Wrong!

I saw this post from the fresh pressed. I was appalled to see that some toddlers, like Suri Cruise, are wearing heels on a regular basis. Now, I don’t have a problem with toddlers wearing heels when it comes to playing dress-up because it’s not like the toddler is wearing heels 24/7. The reason I have a problem with this situation is because of the side effects heels causes. Now, I’ve heard that women who wear heels 24/7 have side effects like shortened calf muscles, lower back aches, headaches, etc. So, by extension, if those side effects happen to full grown women, who knows what the effects would be on toddlers. I would think that the side effects would be much worse these toddlers are still growing.

Suri Cruise

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