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The Secret Circle vs. The Covenant

Last week was the premiere for The Secret Circle and I watched it. After watching it, it made me think. It really reminded me of the movie The Covenant. I mean, there’s the element of witchcraft, the Salem Witch Trials, and a group of teenagers whose powers get better when together or when they turn a certain age.

The Covenant

The Secret Circle

Steven Strait vs. Taylor Lautner

I was just watching Sky High recently, and I realized something. I realized that Steven Strait and Taylor Lautner kinda look alike. To me, what did it for me was that Taylor Lautner and Steven Strait were both shown with long hair in their respective movies. And plus, they both have great smiles. Anyway, the only reason that I can tell them apart is that Lautner is younger looking and has a slightly dark skin tone. All I can say is that if Lautner hadn’t been kept on to reprise his role as Jacob Black for New Moon, I would have suggested for Strait to replace him.

Steven and Taylor

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