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The Darkness Before Dawn Series Review

Well, I recently finished reading the Darkness Before Dawn series by J.A. London. I have to say that I liked the series. I liked the fact that it had action-packed scenes as well as take-a-deep-breath scenes. However, I have two questions that I thought weren’t really answered in the series. One of the questions involves the issue of the lack of Old Family female vampires and having naturally born vampires. My question is would there be enough Old Family female vampires to keep up a relatively viable Old Family vampire population. Because the book series made it seem like there’s a huge disparity between how many male and female vampires are born, with it skewed towards males. Plus, I would think that with so few Old Family female vampires, the female vampires had to have vampire children with a member of another Old Family vampire. So, that makes me think that all of the Old Family vampires would eventually be related to each other. Anyway, my second question deals with Octavian Montgomery and his family. How is it that only his family is the only Old Family that could reproduce with humans? And how did his family figure out that they could reproduce with humans? Did a Montgomery male have sex with a human female, and the woman got pregnant? Did the other Old Families try to reproduce with humans as well, and it just didn’t work? If that’s the case, what makes the Montgomery family different from the other Old Families? Anyway, I would recommend the series.
Darkness Before Dawn series

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