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The Season 8 Finale Of Project Runway

I know it’s been a while since the season eight finale of Project Runway but I just wanted to get my thoughts on it out there. After watching the season finale, all I can say is whoa. I really did not expect to see Gretchen as the winner. Personally, I thought that her collection was a little bit too wearable. That’s why I thought that Mondo would have won. His collection seemed more…high fashion oriented. But as I thought about it, the judges have set precedence of judging the way that they did. The example that I’m talking about would be between Chloe and Michael from season two. They were both excellent designers but it became a battlefield between which one they would rather have. Anyway, I honestly don’t think that Gretchen should have won. All I can say now is that the amount of winners is evenly distributed between men and women.

Season 1: Jay
Season 2: Chloe
Season 3: Jeff
Season 4: Christian
Season 5: Leanne
Season 6: Irina
Season 7: Seth Aaron
Season 8: Gretchen

Gretchen Jones

Seth Aaron Is The Winner!

Oh my God! I just watched the season finale for Project Runway and I can’t believe that Seth Aaron won! I’m glad that he won. Personally, from the three finalists, I liked his overall aesthetic. Anyway, I was surprised to learn that Seth Aaron won. Based on the judges’ comments, I thought for sure that Emilio was going to win. Anyway, like I said earlier, I’m glad that Seth Aaron won.

Seth Aaron

Mila Is In!

I just watched the first part of the season finale of Project Runway and what a freaky coincidence that I would pick the final three for the second time in a row. I had a very sneaky suspicion that Mila was going to be in the final three. Anyway, as much as I wanted to see Jay in the final three, if only to say that a guy from Hawaii was in the final three, I’m glad that Mila is in the final three. Now, as for who I think will win overall, I don’t know. I would actually have to see the different collections to guess who the winner will be.

Jay Sario

Jay or Mila?

Keep in mind that as I’m writing this, I’m not watching tonight’s episode of Project Runway right now. Anyway, I watched last week’s episode on Sunday, but I haven’t had a chance to write about it until now. Anyway, now that it’s revealed that Jay and Mila are currently tied for the last spot for the final three. Personally, if I had to choose who to pick between Jay and Mila, I would have to choose Mila. I don’t why I would choose her, especially since Jay has ties to Hawaii, where I live. Anyway, I wonder who it’s going to be.

Jay and Mila

Who Will Be In The Top 3?

Like I said in my previous post, as I’m writing this, I’m not watching tonight’s episode of Project Runway, at least not right now. Now that we are down to the top five in season 7 of Project Runway, it’s made me think about who will be in top three. Well, right off the bat, I think that Emilio and Seth Aaron are shoe-ins. Now, as for the third and final person, I don’t know who I would choose, because Anthony, Mila, and Jay all have pros and cons. Anthony, for example, has only two wins, albeit two huge wins. My concern with him is that most of the time, he was safe, which means that he hasn’t made many memorable, good or bad, outfits. With Mila, while she has quite a few wins or top 3s, lately, she’s been in the bottom three. With her, what concerns me is Mila’s constant black and white outfits. Anyway, with Jay, it’s the same thing. While he’s had a few wins or top 3s, he’s also been in the bottom 3 more than once. My concern with Jay is that he’s a little inconsistent about the fit of his tops. For example, there was the one that was inspired by a New York neighborhood, and last week’s episode where the top wasn’t supporting the model’s breasts. Anyway, I really don’t know who I would choose for the last person. I guess I’ll just have to wait to find out.

Project Runway Season 7

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