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The Wells Bequest: A Companion To The Grimm Legacy Review

So, I just finished reading The Wells Bequest: A Companion To The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman. You can find a summary of the book here. It seems to be a sequel to The Grimm Legacy. Personally, I liked the book. Like it’s predecessor of The Grimm Legacy, I think that the book is a good for a light read. However, I had two questions about the book. So, if you haven’t read the book, don’t go any further because I’m going to be revealing some spoilers. My first question: how is it that the main character of Leo is able to accept the idea of the objects and ideas from science fiction books are real? To me, based on how the character was described initially, he shouldn’t be able to accept the idea of science fiction ideas and objects were real. Anyway, my second question deals with Jaya going back to time in order to let Simon’s great, great, grandfather get onto the ship in order to make sure that Simon is born. In the book, after Leo and Jaya come back from meeting Nikolai Tesla and Mark Twain, aka Samuel Clemens, everybody, except for Leo and Jaya, don’t remember who Simon was because Leo and Jaya had altered history so that Simon’s great, great grandfather didn’t make his ship. That in turn made it so that Simon was never born. So my question is after Jaya goes back in time to rectify that, how is it that everybody remembers him as if he wasn’t erased from history? Is it like every other time-traveling story where something happens that changes the course of history but is then changed back to how it was and everything goes back to how it was before?
The Wells Bequest

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