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Shannen Doherty vs. Sasha Alexander

I was watching Dancing With The Stars recently and I thought to myself, Shannen Doherty and Sasha Alexander, who played Kate in NCIS, look like they could pass for sisters, if not cousins. It didn’t dawn on me until after I saw an episode of NCIS, and of course, DWTS. Anyway, I think it’s freaky how much they look alike.

Shannen Doherty and Sasha Alexander

Edna Mode vs. Linda Hunt

I’m a NCIS fan. Because of that, I watched the NCIS and NCIS: Los Angles premieres. Anyway, when I watched the NCIS: Los Angles premiere, I immediately thought that the actress who plays Hetty Lange looked like Edna Mode, the character that created the uniforms for the Incredibles, in the movie The Incredibles. Personally, I just found it really freaky that they look so much alike. I would say that they based Edna Mode on Linda Hunt. Anyway, I just found it freaky.

Edna Mode and Linda Hunt

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