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Never Had A Dream Come True Lyrics

Almost three months ago, I went to a second cousin’s wedding. One of the songs that was playing while we were waiting for the reception to start was S Club 7’s Never Had A Dream Come True. Having listened to the song a gazillion times before the wedding, I thought to myself, what an inappropriate song to play at a wedding. I know a lot of you will gripe about how it is an appropriate song but hear me out. Try and take a closer look at the lyrics. To me, the song is talking about this failed relationship and how the singer wishes that he or she could get the significant other back. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want to have a song about a failed relationship to be playing at my wedding. It wouldn’t really bode well for the marriage.

Never Had A Dream Come True

Rachel Stevens Is Pregnant!

As you guys probably know, I’m a fan of S Club, formerly known as S Club 7. As a result of that, I occasionally check out what each member is up to. Anyway, I was looking up anything on Rachel Stevens and I saw an article saying that she was pregnant. All I can say is congratulations to Rachel and her husband, and I hope all the best for the baby.

Rachel Stevens

Music Groups

I was just thinking back to my post on the nostalgic stuff. It made me think back to the music groups from the late ’90s and the early 2000s. I noticed that there were a lot more groups that had males and females in them. Case in point would the A*Teens and S Club 7. But not, it seems like the musicians nowadays are either solo acts or all-one-gender groups. Anyway, I find it interesting as to how music groups change over time.


S Club 7

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