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Werewolves vs. Shapeshifters pt. 2

Like I said in my previous post, I finished Breaking Dawn last month. Anyway, the other part that struck me was when Aro and Caius were talking about the “werewolves”. When Aro actually said that Jacob and “the rest of the pack” were actually shapeshifters and not real werewolves, I was like, yes, I knew it! I knew that they weren’t real werewolves. Like I said in one of my previous post, and keep in mind that I hadn’t read Breaking Dawn at that time, I knew that there was something off about the description of the werewolves. And besides, I have never heard of werewolves in Native American stories. I have only heard of shapeshifters/skinwalkers in the Native American stories. I usually hear of werewolf stories in the context of Europe and in what European immigrants brought to North America. I’m just saying that before you actually believe that Jacob and everyone else in the Quileute tribe are werewolves, look up general Native American stories. And in this case, I’m glad that I have an interest in the paranormal or else I wouldn’t have questioned Stephanie Meyer’s knowledge of werewolves.

The Wolf Pack

Renesmee vs. Nessie

I finished reading Breaking Dawn last month. Anyway, one of the parts that stuck out in my mind was when the Volturi are coming to find out as to what Renesmee is exactly. The thing that I have a bone to pick with is the fact that Bella bitches and moans about how everybody calls Renesmee “Nessie.” Now, I kinda can see why she would rather people call Renesmee by her actual name, because I really don’t like it when people call me something different. But the thing that I don’t get is why doesn’t Bella just accept that Nessie is just easier to say than Renesmee. Why does she insist on having everybody her Renesmee? I mean it’s just like Jacob said in the book. Renesmee is a mouthful to say. Plus, it’s kinda hard to say in the first place. Anyway, that’s just what I think. And I know that the picture is a picture of Claudia from Interview With The Vampire. But there aren’t any pictures that I could find that I thought were appropriate.


Armand/Marius vs. Bella/Edward

In my Lestat vs. Edward pictures post, one of the pictures that I mentioned had a reaction from Armand. It made me think. There’s a similarity between Armand/Marius and Bella/Edward relationships. The similarity is that Armand and Bella were both humans that were turned into vampires by their respective vampire lovers, Marius and Edward. I didn’t really realize that until I saw Armand’s reaction in that picture. I just thought that was interesting.

Armand and Marius

Bella and Edward

Who Will Be Breaking Dawn’s Director?

I was wondering the same thing after watching Twilight: In The Spotlight on the Reelzchannel. Anyway, one the suggestions that was brought up was Tim Burton. I think that he would do an excellent job on directing Breaking Dawn. I say that because I think his aesthetic will match Breaking Dawn‘s storyline. Now, as for the other directors that were mentioned, I can’t really say if they would do a great job on directing Breaking Dawn because it’s not like I’ve seen any of their movies, as far as I know. Anyway, I hope that whoever does direct Breaking Dawn, they do a good job.

Tim Burton

Lestat & Edward as Byronic Heros

I was looking up Edward Cullen on Wikipedia and I saw that it said that Edward was a Byronic hero. Because of that, I clicked on the link that explained what a Byronic hero was. Anyway, as I was reading the characteristics, it did sounds like Edward As I continued down the website, it mentioned that Lestat from the Vampire Chronicles and the Phantom from the Phantom of the Opera were Byronic heros as well, but I digress with the Phantom. That made me think about how much Lestat and Edward were alike in the sense that they are both Byronic heros. I think that’s the reason why I don’t like either character. I mean, it’s not that I hate them, but it’s just that they’re not my favorites characters from their respective series. Anyway, I think that’s the reason why I don’t like Lestat and Edward is the fact that they’re Byronic heros.



Lestat vs. Edward Pictures

In my search for any Lestat vs. Edward stuff, I found quite a few pictures that made fun of Edward and the Twilight series or making fun of the fact the Twilight series “outshines” the Vampire Chronicles. The one that I found to be the most funny was the one where it showed Edward and Bella together in the first box, and the following three boxes showing Louis, Lestat, and Armand telling their opinions on the series. I found that Lestat’s and Armand’s reactions to be the most funny. Their reactions were classic Lestat and Armand. Anyway, the next one that I thought was funny was the one where Lestat as picking on Edward. I just found those funny. By the way, you can find the originals at this site.

Lestat meets Edward

Lestat vs. Edward Smackdown

I was bored recently and was on my computer I don’t know why but I typed Lestat vs. Edward into Google to see what I would get. Anyway, a lot of stuff that popped up were drawings of people making fun of Edward through Lestat’s point of view, and videos and articles asking who would win in a no-holds bar fight. I immediately thought that Lestat would definitely win. I say that because, after looking up their powers as a refresher, while Edward has super strength, super speed, and can read minds, Lestat can do or has all of that, plus so much more. Lestat also has pyrokinesis, the ability to fly, and he’s telekinetic. Plus, he killed an entire wolf pack by himself, albeit with the help of his two mastiff dogs. Anyway, I really think that Lestat would definitely win the fight against Edward, and that’s assuming Lestat doesn’t fall in love with Edward first, which I doubt would actually happen, and that Lestat doesn’t hurt Bella.

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