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Who Will Be In The Final Three For Season 8?

After watching the most recent episode of Project Runway, I’m beginning to see who might be in the final three. I think that the final three will be Mondo, Gretchen, and Andy. I think that they will be the final three based on a process of elimination. I can’t picture Christopher Collins being in the final three because he hasn’t made anything memorable. The only thing, in my opinion, that got him this far was the fact that he’s a good tailor. His stuff is boring. It’s the same with April. She’s only made one or two memorable outfits. The only difference is that her stuff is somewhat interesting. I don’t picture Michael Costello in the final three because of his inconsistent taste level. One minute, it’s the best thing coming; the next, it’s like a big bag of poo. He’s also inconsistent with his sewing skills. Anyway, that just leaves Gretchen, Andy, and Mondo. Now, assuming that my prediction turns out to be correct, I know who I would pick as the winner. I’m not going to say who though because I don’t want to jinx it. I’m going to reveal my pick once the final three are revealed.

Project Runway Season 8

Is Gretchen The Next Irina?

After watching the team challenge episode, it made me think. Is it just me, or does Gretchen seem a lot like Irina from season six? They’re both good designers but somewhat conceited/arrogant. I don’t know. That’s just my impression.

Gretchen Jones

The Team Challenge

Wow. I haven’t written anything for Project Runway in a while. Anyway, I saw the team challenge episode a while ago and all I can say is that I’m shocked by what happened. Well, for one thing, I’m not surprised that Tim called Gretchen out on the fact that it seemed like she was the team leader when there wasn’t supposed to be any. However, personally, I think that Michael C. should have spoken up when he had the chance. As for the winning team, I have mixed feelings about them. On one hand, to me, their looks didn’t look quite as cohesive as the losing team’s. But on the other hand, the individual looks were very much like the respective designer. Anyway, I don’t like the fact that AJ had to go when he wasn’t the weakest link of the entire team, Michael C. included.

Project Runway Season 8

The Project Runway Season 8 Premiere

I watched the Project Runway season 8 premiere last night and all I can say is “Whoa.” There was so much going on. Well, first off, there was the whole way that the designers were introduced and how they didn’t meet at the Atlas, like how past seasons did. Then there was the bomb that Heidi and Tim dropped on the designers about how this episode was going to be the final audition part and that one or more designers were going home. All I can say that I was just flabbergasted by the challenge and how much time they had. I won’t say what happened but I think that the outfit that Casanova (that’s his real name) made was just tacky and vulgar. I mean, it looked like a badly made bikini and sarong. I honestly thought that the judges would have sent Casanova home instead of McKell. MeKell’s outfit was, in my opinion, better than Casanova’s outfit. Anyway, as for my opinion on the designers, I have a sneaky feeling that Peach (her real name) is going to be like Laura from season 3, in terms of showing outfits that are more focused on a more mature audience. As for who I would root for, I’m a bit wary of rooting or Andy and Ivy, who both have ties to Hawaii. I say that because of what happened with Jay, who also has ties to Hawaii, from last season. I’ll just wait and see how the designers do in the upcoming episodes to make a judgement. Anyway, the last thing that I want to write about is the lack of Models of the Runway. I wonder why there was no Models of the Runway after the premiere. I actually liked the show.

Project Runway Season 8

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