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The Last Few Episodes of the Second Season of Lost Girl

I just finished re-watching the second season of Lost Girl on DVD. And is it just me, or does it seem like the last few episodes of the second season dragged on, like the writers of the show were just writing episodes to make the necessary twenty-two episode minimum? Because that’s what it felt like to me. To me, it felt like the last few episodes were just put there to help past the time until the Garuda came without putting in any substantial plot into the episodes. Anyway, that’s just what I think.

David Sutcliffe vs. Chris O’Donnell

As a lot of you know, I watch NCIS and saw Chris O’Donnell as G. Callen in the L.A. spinoff. Anyway, I occasionally watch Gilmore Girls. Well, recently, I watched an episode of Gilmore Girls and saw the guy who plays Rory’s dad. As I watching the episode, I was thinking to myself, Why does he look so familiar? Then it dawned on me that he looked like Chris O’Donnell. I swear, they could pass for brothers.

Chris O'Donnell and David Sutcliffe

Edna Mode vs. Linda Hunt

I’m a NCIS fan. Because of that, I watched the NCIS and NCIS: Los Angles premieres. Anyway, when I watched the NCIS: Los Angles premiere, I immediately thought that the actress who plays Hetty Lange looked like Edna Mode, the character that created the uniforms for the Incredibles, in the movie The Incredibles. Personally, I just found it really freaky that they look so much alike. I would say that they based Edna Mode on Linda Hunt. Anyway, I just found it freaky.

Edna Mode and Linda Hunt

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