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Clean House: The Messiest House In The Country 5

Wow. I haven’t posted anything on here in a while. Anyway, as you can tell, this post is going to be about the most recent Clean House: Messiest Home In The Country. I know it’s been a while since it actually premiered but I still wanted to write about it. All I can say is drama, drama, drama. It was just crazy that the girls would bully their mom and that the mom just took it. I don’t know of any mom who would let her kids bulldoze her to point where her self esteem is even lower than before. I think the mom should have gotten a backbone a lot sooner. Anyway, last thought: who the hell would stay in a dead relationship? If I were her, I would have just filed for divorce.

Clean House

The New Season of Clean House

With the newest season and a new host having started in January, I’ve been watching the episodes. All I can say is that Tempestt is no Niecy. I’m not saying that Tempestt is terrible as the new host, but she’s not the same as Niecy. Personally, I would have liked to see Lisa Arch take over as host. She would have been more than acceptable. Anyway, it seems like Tempestt is trying too hard to replace Niecy. She should try to make the job her own, instead of trying to imitate Niecy.

Tempestt Bledsoe

Clean House: Messiest Home In The Country 4

I watched Clean House: Messiest Home In The Country 4 and I was pleasantly surprised. Based on the previews, I thought that the house was going to be much worse than the mother/daughter pair from last year’s Messiest Home. I mean, not that the whole black mold situation was a good thing but…Anyway, I was also pleasantly surprised about the family. The didn’t seem like they were in denial about the seriousness of the situation. And they were willing to give up their things to give to charity. So…like I said, I’m pleasantly surprised by this family. They were much better than the previous three messiest home winners.

Clean House


When I watched Clean House: The Messiest Home In The Country 3, the show pointed out that the mom said either that she was overwhelmed or that things were overwhelming constantly. That made me think of The Princess Bride because Vizzini always used to say “Inconceivable!” He would always say “inconceivable” whenever he was frustrated like how the mom would say overwhelmed or overwhelming. I thought it was funny because they used a word a lot to describe their frustration.

Matt’s Return

I’m so glad that Matt Iseman is now back on Clean House. The show was not quite the same without Matt. I’m not saying that Eugene Long was a bad replacement for Matt, but like I said, it wasn’t the same. It was like when Lisa, Kelly, and Debi temporarily replaced Niecy. They were all right replacements for Niecy but no one can really replace her. Anyway, I’m glad that Matt is back.

Matt IsemanEugene Long

The Mom From Clean House

The mom from the Clean House: The Messiest Home In The Country 3 is nuts. The reason that I think she’s nuts is because she’s in major denial about all of the clutter that was in her home and the storage unit. I also think that she’s in denial about the fact that she’s a shopaholic. She’s also crazy because she wouldn’t let her 20 year old daughter have a say in what’s in her room. Personally, I think that her issues stemmed from the fact that she didn’t grow up with a lot. So now, she overcompensates by shopping, hoarding, and saving everything. And because of that, she spoiled her daughter, which turned the daughter into a spoiled bitch. Anyway, that’s what I think.

The Clean House Crew

The Daughter From Clean House

I have to say that the daughter from the mother/daughter team from Clean House: The Messiest House In The Country 3 was bitchy when she walked out. I mean, not to even to finish the conversation with Niecy after that infamous sentence. However, I think that it’s mostly the mom’s fault because the mom spoiled her daughter. But that leads back to the mom’s issues. Either way, I think that disrespected Niecy, Mark, Trish, the rest of the Clean House crew, and her mother. And I think that she should have at least apologized to the Clean Housecrew.
The Clean House crew

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