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UK Glamour’s 31 Sexiest Movie Vamps

Again, I know this article came out a while, but I have a few problems with this list. My biggest problem with this list is the fact there are vampires from TV shows like Angel and Spike from Buffy, or the vampires from True Blood or the Vampire Diaries. The reason why I have a problem with that is because the list is called the sexiest movie and vampires, and those vampires are from TV shows. That leads me to my next problem. Even if you took out the TV vampires, in my opinion, there are way too many vampires from Twilight. It’s way too much. Anyway, my last problem is the fact that Robert Pattinson is number one on the list. I’m sorry, but he is not that good looking. Personally, I think that Ian Somerhalder, David Boreanaz, and Kellan Lutz are much more better looking.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Downing Jr. as Lestat

As I said in my previous post, I heard about the rumors surrounding Universal making a Vampire Chronicles movie and the possibility of Robert Downing Jr. being Lestat. My feelings on the Robert Downing Jr. rumors are pretty much neutral. On one hand, he doesn’t really match Lestat’s physical description. For one thing, he’s too old and I don’t know if he can pull off being blond. Anyway, on the other hand, I have never seem any of his movies. So, I can’t really judge him on whether or not he can pull off Lestat’s personality. Anyway, all I can say is that if the Vampire Chronicles and Robert Downing Jr. rumors are true, Robert Downing Jr. had better realize that he better live up to the role that is Lestat.

Robert Downing Jr.

Rumors of a Vampire Chronicles Movie

A few days after my 21st birthday, I read a myspace blog saying that Universal Pictures might be producing a Vampire Chronicles movie. In regards to this news, there are several things that I want to to talk about. Number one: the rumors. I hope the rumors are true about a Vampire Chronicles movie being made. It’s about time. It’s been about seven years since Queen of the Damned and 15 years since Interview with the Vampire. The second thing: if the rumors are true, which book would be made into a movie? It had better not be Interview with the Vampire because I don’t think that it needs to be remade. Queen of the Damned, on the other hand, should be remade. Like I said in my previous post, Queen of the Damned was crap. Anyway, the third thing would be who would play the characters like Lestat, Louis, Gabrielle, etc. I’ll get to the rumors of Robert Downing Jr. possibly as Lestat in my next post. Anyway, I hope that the rumors are true and that a new Vampire Chronicles movie will come out.

Queen of the Damned: The Book vs. The Movie

I watching Queen of the Damned the other day and thought back to the book. Personally, I think that the movie is crap compared to the book. I think that because of a lot of things. The major thing that I have a problem with is that the story of the twins was taken out. How could the writers just omit the story of the twins? Their story was the main plot in Queen of the Damned. I would say the Lestat/Akasha storyline was secondary. The second thing that I have a problem with is that so many characters were just left out and/or killed off. The only characters that were actually killed in Queen of the Damned were Enkil, Akasha, Azim aka the vampire from the mountain, Baby Jenks, and plus a whole lot men and fledgling vampires. The last thing I have a problem with was the details. There are so many things that the people got wrong. Lestat, Marius, and Mael are supposed to be blond and blue eyed. Pandora was not from India. Maharet has a twin, the mother many times over of Jesse, and maker of Jesse. Lestat was turned by Magnus, not Marius. All I can say is that the only thing that the movie and the book had in common was the names. The only positive thing I can say about the movie is that the music was very appropriate for the movie and book.


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