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Who Will Be In The Final Three Of Season 10 Of Project Runway?

So, I wanted to post this before the final three of season 10 of Project Runway are revealed. As we’ve seen in last week’s episode of Project Runway, Sonjie was eliminated and the final four were revealed to be Melissa, Fabio, Christopher, and Dmitry. Personally, I think that the two shoe-ins are Melissa and Christopher. The reason I think that is because they both have distinctive points-of-view and they have consistently been safe or in the top three. However, with Fabio and Dmitry, I’m not sure which one will fill the last spot in the final three. The reason I say that is because both have pros and cons to them. Both make excellent and well-tailored clothes. However, with Fabio, he has no definitive point-of-view when it comes to design. And with Dmitry, I have a feeling that he is a one-trick pony when it comes to designs. He reminds me of Laura Bennett from season 3, who if you’ve been watching Project Runway for a while know that she was known for predominately making clothes that she would wear herself. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Project Runway - Season 10

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