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The Rebecca Black Song

I literally found about this today. I read about this girl in my school’s newspaper. So, I looked her up and saw her music video. Personally, I don’t think that the story all that great. To me, it’s just another song from another teeny bopper singer who hasn’t really experienced life. Anyway, I think that people like her and Justin Bieber shouldn’t be allowed to become famous.

UK Glamour’s Men Hot List

I know this came out last year, but I still wanted to write about it. I have to disagree with a few of the choices. My biggest disagreement would have to be Robert Pattinson. I’m sorry to all of the Robert Pattinson fans, but I do not think he is deserving of the number one spot. To me, he isn’t very good looking. I’m not saying he’s butt ugly, but like I said, he doesn’t deserve the number one spot. My next biggest disagreement would be Xavier Samuel. I think that he should have been spot number five. My next biggest disagreement would have to Justin Bieber. My issue with him is his age. I mean, is he even legal? If he isn’t legal, then how the hell did he get on the list? Anyway, my last disagreement would have to be Gerard Butler and Channing Tatum. I’m sorry, but I don’t think that they deserve to be on the hot list. Personally, I think that there are better looking guys out there than the guys that I mentioned.

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