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Teaching The Bible In Schools

As you guys know, I’m an Anne Rice fan. Because of that, I liked her page on Facebook. Anyway, back in January, she posed the question of should the Bible be taught in school, in the context of the Bible being a literary and cultural influence in the States, without it offending religious and nonreligious people. Keep in mind that I consider myself to be an atheist. Anyway, while I agree that people should read the Bible because it is a literary and cultural influence, I don’t think that it should be taught in the public schools for several reasons. One reason is that the teachers have enough to teach kids already. There’s math, English, science, history, art, physical education, etc. That’s a full plate already. Why add on to it when it’s not directly relevant? Another reason is the fact that the Bible was the only religious text that was mentioned. In all fairness, even if the Bible was taught, other religious texts should be included as well, such as the Koran or Buddhist religious texts. Granted, the other religious texts won’t get as much attention as the Bible because those religious art aren’t quite as well known in the States. Anyway, another reason is whether or not the parent want their kids to be taught the Bible. If they do, why not send the kid to a parochial school or Sunday school? Another reason is whether or not the kids wants to learn about the Bible. If he or she wants to, he or she should take the class as an elective class or do it on his or her own time. My last reason is whether or not the kid has the ability to put the Bible into the context of it being a literary and cultural influence. I mean, a 5 or 6 year old won’t be able to do that whereas a teenager would be able to do that.

Judaism, Christianity, And Islam

You know, I don’t get why there’s a conflict between the three religions. I mean, I can understand the conflict between Judaism and Islam, and Judaism and Christianity. Because the conflict between Judaism and Islam started with the whole first born son conflict between Sarah’s son, Isaac, and the servant/maid’s son, Ishmael. It was because the servant and Ishmael were kicked out due to the fact that Ishmael was due to inherit Abraham’s property and Sarah wanted Isaac to inherit the property instead. Now, I can understand why there was a conflict between Judaism and Christianity way back when Christianity first started. Because Judaism originally started out as a Jewish sect. The only difference was that Christians believe that Jesus was the Savior that was supposed to come. Anyway, I don’t really understand why there is a conflict between Christianity and Islam. The only thing that I can think of for nowadays is because of 9/11. But even with that, it’s mostly here in America where there’s the conflict between Christianity and Islam. Oh, just so that everyone who reads this, I did not purposely make the picture for the symbol for Islam the smallest picture, nor did I intend for the picture of the cross to be the biggest. As another FYI, it was pointed out to me that the crescent moon and star are not a symbol is Islam and that it’s on the flag of Pakistan. I looked it up and it’s true that the crescent moon and star was not originally an Islamic symbol and that it’s on the flag of Pakistan, as well as a few other Islamic countries’ flags. Anyway, based on what I’ve read, it seems that the crescent moon and star were originally a Pagan symbol. It, somehow, eventually became associated with the Ottoman Empire. And since the Ottoman Empire controlled a predominately Muslim area, it became associated with Islam by default. So, at least in the West, that’s why the crescent moon and star is associated with Islam. So, to the people who read this particular post, don’t assume that the crescent moon and star is an actual Islamic symbol. It’s not an original Islamic symbol.

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