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Anthony’s Elimination

As a little FYI, as I’m writing this, I have yet to see the most recent episode of Project Runway. That’s because I’m backed up on the DVR due to the fact that I was in Las Vegas from March 20th until March 25th. So, I’m not going to be able to post anything on the most recent episode for a few days. Anyway, I watched last week’s episode of Project Runway, the one dealing with the custom fabric, and I was shocked to learn that Anthony was eliminated. I thought that for sure that Jonathan would have been eliminated. But now that I think about it, the comments for Anthony were a bit harsh. Not that Jonathan’s comments were much better. Although, I have a slight bone to pick with Jonathan. Why did he consistently choose Cerri as his model when he was told repeatedly that his outfits were unflattering for her body type? Why not choose a different model? In any event, I still can’t believe that Anthony was eliminated. It’s not going to be the same without him.


Amy Was Kicked Auf’d!

I can’t believe that Amy was kicked off! I thought that she had so much potential. I mean, I’m not sure that she would have made it to the top three, but I thought that she would have made it to at least the the top five. But then again, that’s what I thought about Shirin from season 6, and look what happened. Anyway, I can’t believe that Amy was auf’d. All I can say now is that the chance of a third season in a row with an all female top 3 is gone now that Amy is gone.

Amy Sarabi

Ben Is Auf’d

When I watched the Elements challenge, I wasn’t really sure what to think when Ben was eliminated. I say that because it’s not like Ben was really featured much on the show. Well, at least not until this episode. Anyway, my point is that it’s not like we, as in the audience, really got to see Ben’s point of view because Ben was usually safe. Other than that episode, he was only in the top/bottom six once. And the only time that a designer is interviewed on the show is when he or she is in the top/bottom six. Anyway, it’s a shame that Ben didn’t stay longer. I would have liked to see more from him.

Ben Chmura

Jesse’s Elimination

I watched the hardware challenge for Project Runway last week Friday. So, when I found out that Jesse was eliminated, I was like, “Thank God!” His taste level has been quite bad. Not Emilio’s outfit was much better in this particular challenge. Anyway, the only thing that Jesse had going for him was the fact that his tailoring skills were pretty good.

Jesse Lenoir

The Kid Outfit Challenge

After watching last week’s episode, I can’t really say that I was surprised that Jeanne was eliminated. Her outfits were just plain and boring. Even Amy’s outfits, though extremely disappointing in several ways, were visually interesting. Anyway, on a happier note, I’m glad that Seth Aaron won the challenge. I had a feeling that he was going to win. I say that because it seemed like he really drew inspiration from his own experiences with his daughter. Anyway, I’m glad that Seth Aaron won this challenge.

Seth Aaron

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