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The Jabberwock vs. Chernabog

I rewatched Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland last Saturday to help write a school paper. Anyway, I saw this the first time I saw Alice In Wonderland but it didn’t dawn on me until the second time I watched. Have you guys noticed that the way that the jabberwocky came forward was very similar to the way that Chernabog from Fantasia woke up? To be quite honest, I’m not surprised by that because Disney was involved with both movies.

Jabberwock Fight


I was watching the uncensored version of The Pastoral Symphony from Fantasia. A little FYI, that’s the part where the centaurs were hooking up. Anyway, apparently the parts that were cut involved an African child-like centaur “serving” the “white” centaurs. Because of that, there were quite a bit of comments saying that the clip was racist. But I thought to myself, these people who are saying that the clip is racist aren’t putting Fantasia into context. When Fantasia originally came out in 1940, it probably was more acceptable to show African Americans as subservient. But if Fantasia came out more recently as it, it would have caused controversy and people wouldn’t watch it. I think this a case of how points of view can change within a few decades. Anyway, all I can say is that if you’re watching or reading something that was made a while back or is set in a different time period, remember that you have to put into context.

Fantasia – The Pastoral Symphony – UNCUT

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