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Books vs. Movies

I recently talked to a classmate who noticed that the book I had brought with me to class. A little FYI, the book in Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. Anyway, she said that she didn’t particularly care for the book and asked how the movie was, because I had seen the movie. I told her that it was similar to the book, at least up until the part that I read. Anyway, because of that conversation, we got to talking about how it’s better to watch a movie that based on books first, and then read the book. I find it to be true because if you do that, at least you wouldn’t be as disappointed. Now, if you were to read the book first and the saw the movie, then you would probably be more disappointed. I say that because if you read the book first, you come to have higher expectations for the movie. And if the movie doesn’t have a certain character or storyline, etc., then you’ll probably be like, “Why they didn’t include so-and-so or why they didn’t include that subplot?” That in turn would lead to disappointment. But if you were to watch the movie first, then you wouldn’t know if a certain character or certain storyline was included or not. Anyway, that’s just what I think.

The Popularity of Book/Movie Series

As you know, I recently finished His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman. That made me think about the publicity surrounded the movie. The publicity was negative and hence, the movie wasn’t as watched as Lord of the Rings. It was kinda the same with Inheart. It’s a part of a book trilogy and was made into a movie. But like The Golden Compass, it wasn’t watched as much as Lord of the Rings. That made me think about why that was. For Inkheart, I think it’s because it didn’t get as much publicity and the fact that the book series isn’t well know. I say that because I don’t really remember seeing the trailers for Inkheart on tv or in the theaters much. Plus, I never even heard of the series until the movie came out. The same sorta happened with His Dark Materials. However, with His Dark Materials, it didn’t help much that the movie got negative publicity but of the controversy surrounding it. I think that the only reason why Lord of the Rings became popular was because it’s been around for like 50-60 years. Because of that, many people have read the books, and the books/movies didn’t stir up any controversy.
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