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Witch Song Series Review

So, I finished reading the Witch Song series by Amber Argyle last month. Well, since I have already done a review of the first book, I’m going to be focusing on the rest of the series. Personally, I thought that the second book was interesting. However, I thought that the second book ended it with Brusenna too early. I would have liked to have seen how she would have done after she moved Haven and set up the new “government” system. I think this should have been the third book instead of the actual third book. As for the novella that falls between books two and three, I liked how it introduced Lilette and a little bit of her backstory. Then comes book three, the final book in the series. The third book is basically the telling of Lilette’s story and how the world came to be as Brusenna knew it. I liked the book. However, I think that the novella and the third book should either gone one of two ways. The first way is to have set the novella and the third book as a separate but related series. The second way is to have condensed it into a brief explanation in the second book.
Witch Song series book covers

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