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Kendra, The Season Three Premiere

I watched the season three premiere of Kendra and all I can say is whoa. I say that because of the whole Mancow thing. When it comes to Kendra’s situation, I think that there’s a fine line between what is socially acceptable for being a mom and being sexy. I mean, I can understand why Kendra would want to still feel sexy. She’s only 25 years old and she looks great, considering that she had a kid. I mean, she’s a MILF! So, why shouldn’t she do something like Playboy again or go to parties and shake her ass? However, she’s a mom now. There will be consequences, good and bad, of the things that she does because of her status as a mom. So, Kendra has to think about the possible consequences. Think about it: what would happen if her son, when he’s all grown up, sees a copy of Playboy with her in it, and it was post-Hank? Not that he necessarily would, but what if he freaks out? Anyway, my point is that Kendra should find a balance between being sexy/free-spirited woman and a mom.

Kendra Baskett

Kendra, The TV Show

Now that Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches is done, hopefully for now, I’m watching Kendra’s self-titled show. I’m really enjoying the show. Kendra definitely hasn’t changed at all. And like I said in my previous post, I really think that Hank is a good man and he treats Kendra well. I don’t think that she could have picked a better man, other than Hef. Keep in mind that I’m basing Hef on the fact that he’s a good man and not because of his looks, or rather his lack of looks. Anyway, I can’t wait to see more episodes of Kendra.
Hank and Kendra

Kendra’s Pregnancy and Wedding

The first thing that I want to do is congratulate Kendra on her pregnancy and marriage to Hank Baskett, even though it’s been a month since she announced the pregnancy and about two weeks since she got married. You know, to quite honest, I’m surprised that Kendra got pregant so soon. I thought that it would have been Holly that got married and pregnant first. But I’m happy for Kendra. Based on what I’ve seen of Hank on Kendra’s show, I think that he’s good for her and that he’s a good man in general. Anyway, congratulations again to Kendra and Hank on the marriage and Kendra’s pregnancy.
Kendra and Hank

The Girls Next Door: Season 6

How many people here are GND fans?  How many GND fans out there are going to watch the sixth season?  Well, I’m definitely not going to watching.  Especially if the show is going to focus on the twins aka the skanks next door.  To me, the show won’t be the same without Holly, Bridget, and Kendra.  Honestly, I don’t know why Hef let Bridget go.  I can understand why Holly and Kendra left.  But I really don’t know Bridget left.  I thought that she would have taken over Holly’s spot as #1 girlfriend.  Anyway, I love watching Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches and Kendra’s show.

The Girls Next Door

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