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Halloween Comics

The University of Hawaii newspaper had a Halloween edition last Friday. Inside, they had a bunch of comics. These are the ones that I liked. The last one is not from UH’s newspaper. I just found that one funny.

Bad Acne
Clouds Of Dusk
Doodle My Life
Fast Zone
Nice Costume
Perfect Coincidence
What Wizards Really Talk About Today
Witch For Halloween

Christmas Season Sentiments

I saw this Sally Forth comic some time last month and this is pretty much sums up how I feel when it comes to Christmas stuff going on before Halloween.

Sally Forth comic strip

Sarah from Labyrinth

On Halloween, I went to this Halloween party with a friend of mine at her school. A little FYI, we don’t go to the university and we met in high school. Anyway, at the party, I noticed this girl who was dressed up as Sarah from Labyrinth. At first, I didn’t know that she was supposed to be Sarah. So, I went up to her and asked her what she was supposed to be. So, she told me and I got it. Apparently, when she told everybody else who she was supposed to be, no one got it until me. I just found it interesting because apparently Labyrinth isn’t that popular with my generation.

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