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The Nine Lives Of Chloe King Review

I just finished reading The Nine Lives Of Chloe King by Liz Braswell. And all I can say is that it was not what I expected, having watched the TV show adaptation first. One of the main difference between the books and the TV show was the characters. Most of the characters in the books are nothing like their TV counterparts. The only ones who were like their TV counterparts were Alek/Alyec, Paul, and Chloe’s co-worker. In the books, Chloe and Amy are more like juvenile delinquents as opposed to normal teenagers in the TV show. As for Chloe’s adoptive mom, in the book, she seems to like the finer things in life and the mother/daughter bond isn’t as strong as compared to the TV show. And let’s not go there with Brian. It turns out Brian is not only a member of the Order, but he is the son of the head honcho, Whitney Rezza. Anyway, there are so many other differences between the books and the TV show. All I can say is that the TV show is very loosely adapted from the books. I mean, it’s not likely it’s a bad adaptation of the books, but it’s just so different. So, would I recommend the books if you’ve watched the TV show first? I would recommend it, but with the understanding that the TV show is loosely adapted from the books.

The Nine Lives Of Chloe King

The Secret Circle Canceled

Well, I was just looking the Wikipedia page for the TV show, The Secret Circle, because I wanted to know when the DVD was going to come out. As I was looking at the episode list, which is where they also show the DVD release dates, it showed that the show was canceled. Just to confirm, I looked up any recent news articles dealing with the show. It was confirmed on Friday. All I can say that I am not happy. I really liked the show and I was really looking forward to seeing the potential plot lines that were introduced at the end of the finale.

The Secret Circle

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