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A Bloodspell Review

Well, I wanted to do a review of the book, Bloodspell, by Amalie Howard, before I forget everything I read in the book. You can read the description here. First off, the book reminded me of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet because the two main characters are forbidden to be with each other because of who each person is. I can also see a little bit of the anime Sailor Moon, with there being a cat as a familiar. The story also reminds me of the first Twilight book, where a vampire is chasing the main character because the main character’s blood is extremely important. In any event, there are elements from this book that I see in TV shows, movies, and other books. Anyway, overall, I think that the book is pretty interesting. I mean, I have never seen a romance between a witch and a vampire before. I mean, there’s the typical vampire/human romance, a witch/human romance, a witch/demon romance, etc. But I have never seen a witch and a vampire together before. Anyway, there were a few things that I had questions about. The first thing was the abilities that Angie had. Are there others with the same abilities that Angie had? And how is it that Angie had gotten her abilities, when Gabriel, her brother, turned out to be a warlock? Are Angie’s abilities like a recessive genetic thing, like how red hair is? On a related note, are there other people out there who have different abilities? If so, what kind of abilities and how rare or common are they? My second thing was the relationship between Charla and Gabriel. Did Charla know all along about Gabriel being a witch? Of was it after Victoria rejected Gabriel? If it was after Victoria rejected Gabriel, then did Gabriel manipulate Charla’s feelings for him into doing what he wanted her to do for him? Anyway, those are my main questions about the book. I would recommend this book if you want to read a vampire/witch version of Romeo and Juliet that also has a bit of adventure mixed in.

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