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Waterfall Review

I know I said this at the beginning of my last few posts, but it applies again. I finished reading Waterfall by Lauren Kate about a month ago, so my review of this book isn’t going to be in depth. Personally, I liked the book. I would recommend it to other people.


A Teardrop Review Part Two

So I finished reading Teardrop by Lauren Kate over the weekend, and I am interested to see what will happen next. I say that because there are so many questions that were left unanswered, which I will put at the bottom of the post. Hopefully, all of my questions will be answered in any sequels. Anyway, I highly recommend this book if you are interested in reading a fictional book about Atlantis.

  • How did Atlas and the rest of the Atlanteans survive when Atlantis sank? Are they protected by some kind of air bubble that surrounded the island? Or did they somehow adapt and now use gills to breathe underwater?
  • Do all Atlanteans, in the Teardrop world, have different supernatural abilities? Is that how Atlas is able to possess people and how Selene was able to sink an entire island just with her tears?
  • Why does Ander have gills? Is it a Seedbearer thing?
  • If one Seedbearer dies, then other Seedbearers die. If that’s the case, then are Seedbearers immortal? And if they are, then why would there be a need for a Seedbearer every generation? If they aren’t immortal, then are they susceptible to diseases and natural causes? If they are susceptible to diseases and natural causes, then doesn’t it follow that if one dies, they all die? And where do Seedbearers live?
  • What’s the significance of the locket, and the thunderstone, besides as a means to breathe under water?
  • Why didn’t Diana tell Eureka anything about the book and the thunderstone? And why did Diana say that the locket was broken when she actually had it sealed?
  • Besides the descendants of Selene and Leander, are there other descendants of Atlantis? And if so, where did they go? Were they the ancestors to some of the great ancient civilizations such as the Mayan, the Aztecs, and the ancient Egyptians?
  • How did Madame Blatvasky know the language in the “Story of Love”? Is she also a descendent of Atlantis and somehow the language was passed down through the generations? Or did she somehow learn the language through something like a séance?
  • Since the death of Madame Blatvasky, how is the rest of the “Story of Love” going to be translated so that Eureka is going to know what happened? Is Ander going to tell her the rest of the story or will Eureka be able to find someone else to translate the book for her?
  • What exactly happened when Brooks was swept out in the first accident? Is that when Atlas began possessing Brooks? And why was Brooks chosen to be possessed by Atlas?

Teardrop cover

A Teardrop Review, Part One

So, I have been reading Teardrop by Lauren Kate since I finished reading Spellcaster by Claudia Grey. Just a little FYI, this review is going to be only talking about the prologue and the first thirteen chapters. First off, if you don’t know what the premise of the book is just yet, you can do so here. Second, if you don’t want to find out what the premise of the book is just yet, then leave now because I’ll be revealing a little bit of information. Now, as far as the actual review as of the end of chapter thirteen…there’s not a lot that I can review thus far. The only thing that I feel comfortable talking about right now is that I believe that two characters were outright named after real people that were known for talking about the Atlantis story. The two characters that I’m talking about are Maya Cayce and Madame Blavatsky. I’m pretty sure that Maya Cayce is supposed to be based on Edgar Cayce. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Maya helps the main character later on in the book in some way. I also think that Madame Blavatsky is based on Helena Blavatsky. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming chapters.


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