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Ryan Stiles vs. Doogie Howser

I was watching an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway recently and in one of the games, Colin made a crack at Ryan, saying that Ryan looked like Doogie Howser. Of course, not knowing who Doogie Howser was, I looked him up on the internet and found a picture. After seeing a picture of Doogie Howser, I would agree that Ryan Stiles looks like an older version of Doogie Howser. Anyway, I think that knowing who Doogie Howser was must be a generational thing.

Doogie Howser and Ryan Stiles


I was watching an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway and of the games they played was called Weird Newscasters. Anyway, Ryan’s thing was that he was Frankenstein who was looking for a mate. When he was doing his thing, the way he did it pissed me off. The reason it pissed me off was because he portrayed the monster as being stupid. Now, in the book, the monster wasn’t stupid. He learned to talk and read. Anyway, that just pisses me off.


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