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The New Brad Pitt Chanel #5 Commercial

So, I’ve seen the new Brad Pitt Chanel #5 commercial and I’m confused by it. I don’t really get why Brad Pitt is the one advertising a perfume, especially one as iconic as Chanel #5. I mean, I can understand if he was advertising his own perfume, but like I said…Chanel #5? The only thing that I think could have made the commercial work is if he was dressed as Louis from Interview With The Vampire and it was advertised back when the movie came out. Either that, or change Brad out to another celebrity or change what was said.

The Manwich Commercial

I have a problem with the Manwich commercial where the Manwich sandwich was in the vegetable garden play. In the commercial, the kid who was playing the corn said to the girl who was playing the Manwich sandwich that she wasn’t supposed to be there because she wasn’t a vegetable. But the Manwich girl said that she had a full serving of vegetables in every sandwich. The reason that I have a problem with it is because what the boy said is true. A Manwich is not actually a vegetable. It just has vegetables in it. It’s not the same as being an actual vegetable. So, by default, the Manwich shouldn’t have been put in the play.

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