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Pastor Terry Jones and the Burning of the Quran

I recently heard about Pastor Terry Jones, the pastor from Florida who wanted to burn a Quran, the Holy Book of Islam, tomorrow because he thinks that it’s evil. Personally, I think this guy is stupid. Did he even think about the consequences of his plans? If he did go through with it, he could have started a retaliation in the Middle Eastern countries that we’re in. Anyway, it’s one thing to believe that another religion is not the true religion or it’s evil, etc., but it’s not all right to burn its religious text or texts. And to top it off, to burn it on a day that is so culturally significant. However, even though I don’t condone it and strictly hypothetically speaking, if I were to burn the Quran in order to make a statement, I would have done it tomorrow, since it’s only the ninth anniversary. I would think it would be a more of a stronger statement if it was done next year, on the tenth anniversary. Of course, I would never burn the Quran. And if you’re wondering, there are different ways to spell the Quran.

Pastor Terry Jones

The ALA Most Challenged Books Of The 2000s

As a result of seeing the Twilight Saga being on a most challenged list, it led me to the ALA list for 2000-2009. As expected, the Harry Potter series was way higher on the list than Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. Although, I think that His Dark Materials should have been higher on the list for reasons that I mentioned in this post. Anyway, the book that surprised me the most was Bridge To Terabithia by Katherine Patterson. Now, keep in mind that it’s been a while since I have read the book but I saw the 2007 movie adaptation. Anyway, based on what I remember of the movie, I can’t really see the justification for the book being challenged. Now, on the list, the reason that was given as to why it was challenged was that a death was crucial to the storyline. Personally, I think that’s a load of B.S. I say that because there are other stories out there that are worse in terms of deaths being a crucial plot element.

Bridge To Terabithia

Kathy Griffin vs. Pigeon Forge

I was watching one of Kathy Griffin’s comedy specials. It was the one where Kathy was talking about her Emmy Award speech and how Pigeon Forge’s Miracle Theater took out a $90k ad out against her. Now, I’m on the fence about this subject. On one hand, I agree with Kathy. I would think that Jesus and God would have bigger things to take care of than getting Kathy and every other celebrity an award. And even if Jesus and God did get these awards for these people, I would think it would have been for someone like Cesar Milan. In addition all of this, I have a problem with the actual Miracle Theater. I’m surprised that they even had $90k to spend on an ad. If I were in their shoes, I would have spent the money elsewhere like a local and or national charity. Anyway, on the other hand, I can see where the Miracle Theater people, and others like them, are coming from. If I was Christian, which I’m not, I would be pissed if someone said, “Suck it Jesus, this award is my God now!” I probably would have been like how dare she use the Lord’s name in vain. Anyway, that’s just what I think.

“My Books Are About Killing God”

One day, I happened to stumble upon this article and I found it to be somewhat interesting. In the article, it talked about how The Golden Compass should have been boycotted, and how Chris Weitz copied the Chronicles of Narnia movies, in terms of design, etc. Anyway, that’s not what I found interesting. What I found interesting was the quote from Philip Pullman that said that his books are about killing God, and that there’s less controversy surrounding it as compared to the Harry Potter series. You know, I don’t get these Christian people/groups who are against having the Harry Potter series in school libraries because the Harry Potter series are about wizards/witches and magic, and yet they allow His Northern Materials, a series about killing God. The way that I look at it, and having read His Northern lights, the Harry Potter series is a small fish compared to His Northern Materials in the metaphorical frying pan. Because I think that a series about killing God is way more anti-Christian than a series that has very little, if any, religious connotations, whether it’s Christian, Wiccan, etc.

His Dark Materials

The Shroud of Turin

I saw this documentary on the Shroud of Turin within the last month. Not to piss off anyone who thinks that the Shroud is legit but I don’t think it is the shroud that covered Jesus’ body. There are several reasons why I don’t think the Shroud is legit. The main reason is that the face on the Shroud looks too perfect for the Shroud to have been put onto a real person. If it was on a real person, then the image of the face would have been distorted. The second major reason was the blood stains on the wrists and ankles on the Shroud. Now, as far as I know, Jesus was dead when he was taken off the cross. Well, I would think that the blood stains would have been a lot smaller if the person was dead. So that made me think that the person was still alive when he was put into the Shroud, if it was put onto a real person. The last reason was the carbon-dating on the Shroud. According to the carbon-dating, the Shroud was from the Middle Ages. Anyway, there’s just too much inconsistencies for me to say that the Shroud is legit.
Shroud of Turin

Judaism, Christianity, And Islam

You know, I don’t get why there’s a conflict between the three religions. I mean, I can understand the conflict between Judaism and Islam, and Judaism and Christianity. Because the conflict between Judaism and Islam started with the whole first born son conflict between Sarah’s son, Isaac, and the servant/maid’s son, Ishmael. It was because the servant and Ishmael were kicked out due to the fact that Ishmael was due to inherit Abraham’s property and Sarah wanted Isaac to inherit the property instead. Now, I can understand why there was a conflict between Judaism and Christianity way back when Christianity first started. Because Judaism originally started out as a Jewish sect. The only difference was that Christians believe that Jesus was the Savior that was supposed to come. Anyway, I don’t really understand why there is a conflict between Christianity and Islam. The only thing that I can think of for nowadays is because of 9/11. But even with that, it’s mostly here in America where there’s the conflict between Christianity and Islam. Oh, just so that everyone who reads this, I did not purposely make the picture for the symbol for Islam the smallest picture, nor did I intend for the picture of the cross to be the biggest. As another FYI, it was pointed out to me that the crescent moon and star are not a symbol is Islam and that it’s on the flag of Pakistan. I looked it up and it’s true that the crescent moon and star was not originally an Islamic symbol and that it’s on the flag of Pakistan, as well as a few other Islamic countries’ flags. Anyway, based on what I’ve read, it seems that the crescent moon and star were originally a Pagan symbol. It, somehow, eventually became associated with the Ottoman Empire. And since the Ottoman Empire controlled a predominately Muslim area, it became associated with Islam by default. So, at least in the West, that’s why the crescent moon and star is associated with Islam. So, to the people who read this particular post, don’t assume that the crescent moon and star is an actual Islamic symbol. It’s not an original Islamic symbol.

Star and CrescentThe Star of DavidThe Cross

The Golden Compass

I just finished reading The Amber Spyglass, the third book in His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman. Now that I’ve finished the trilogy, it made me think about movie version of The Golden Compass. Anyway, I’m kinda torn about how the movie was criticized as being atheistic. Well, in terms of the movie being faithful to the book, I wish that the ending of the book was included in the movie. I also wish that the fight between Iorek and Iofur was put back where it was supposed to be and that the whole spiel with the witches council was also put back in. Now, as for the movie being “atheistic”, I really don’t get why it could be construed as being atheistic. Because it’s not like the Magesterium is a religion. I consider it to be more like communist or dictatorial regime. And that it’s not just the Catholic Church that can be considered to be dogmatic and that tried to “eliminate” heretics. There are other religions that are dogmatic and whatnot. Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

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