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Shattered Souls Review

About a month ago, I finished reading Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey and I wanted to write a review before I forget the details of the book. You can read a summary of the book here. Overall, I liked the book. I liked the idea of the main character, Lenzi, who is someone who can speak to the dead and help them cross over to wherever they are supposed to be by letting the dead person come into her physical body and speak to them that way. I also liked the character of Alden, the guy who helps Lenzi understand her abilities. I also liked the idea that the characters of Lenzi and Alden, as well as other Speakers and Protecters, can be reincarnated. However, my biggest “problem” with the book is that it reminds me a lot of the TV show, Ghost Whisperer, in terms of a person who can speak to the dead and help them to move on. I kinda feel like the book is a slight rip-off of Ghost Whisper, but that has its own spin on it. All I can say is that if you liked Ghost Whisperer and don’t mind a book that is similar to it, then I recommend it.

Shattered Souls
Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer Is Cancelled!

I am not that Ghost Whisperer has been cancelled. After Moonlight was cancelled, it was the only show that I would watch on CBS on Fridays. You know, I don’t know why Ghost Whisperer was cancelled and yet Medium was renewed. Both shows supernatural dramas that involve women who can see, hear, and talk to ghosts. I just don’t get it.

Ghost Whisperer

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