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Wicked Sunset Review

So, I finished Wicked Sunset a while ago, but I am only now getting around to doing the review. Because it’s been a while since I finished reading the book, my impressions are a little bit rusty. Anyway, you can find a summary of the book here, and if you don’t want a little bit of a spoiler, don’t read any further. Personally, I thought that the book felt like it was a filler book. What I mean by that is I think that the author only wrote the book for one reason. The reason was to set up the next book. I think that the author should have just nixed the whole Caleb getting injured and having surgery plotline, and put the Caleb going to Yale plotline as well as Katrina going to London plotline into the next book. Anyway, like I said in my review of Summit At Sunset, I think that you should only this book if you’ve already read the previous books. Personally, I don’t know if I’m going to continue to read the series, not if it’s going to continue like this book.

Wicked Sunset

Summit At Sunset Review

So, I finished reading Summit At Sunset by Jaz Primo. Personally, I thought that the book was ok. I have to admit that this particular book was extremely action packed. And I liked how it revealed that Katrina and Caleb were not the only ones who were involved in a vampire/human relationship. However, I’m beginning to dislike the fact that the Katrina/Caleb is beginning to seem a lot like the Edward/Bella relationship Twilight. What I mean by that is the vampire in the relationship constantly has to either protect the human from other vampires or get the human out of some kind of trouble, usually by having other ally vampires keep the human in some kind of extreme measure. I don’t know if it’s just because of the nature of a vampire/human relationship that includes the human being in danger, whether it’s from other vampires or otherwise, that the vampire needs to protect the human from, but I’m getting a little tired of reading and watching vampire/human relationships. But that’s another issue. Anyway, like I said earlier, I thought that the book was ok. And to be quite honest, I would only recommend the book if you have read and liked the first two books, and want to continue the series.

Summit At Sunset

A Bloody London Sunset Review

So, I finished reading A Bloody London Sunset by Jaz Primo. Like the first book of this series, Sunrise At Sunset, I had a few problems with this book. One of the problems that I had was the lack of an overarching plot throughout the book. To me, it felt like it was split into two subplots mashed together, with the storyline of Paige and her boy toy du jour, and the storyline of Kat and Caleb going to London. I mean, at least with the first book, there was the overarching plotline of the Amazonian vampire who was hell bent on getting revenge for the death of her mate. To me, this book didn’t have that same overarching plotline.

Another problem that I had with this book was the fact that the author spent so much time in one section for the storyline of Paige and her boy toy du jour. I mean, based on the way the story turned out, I thought that the Paige and the boy toy du jour plotline and Kat and Caleb’s trip should have been interspersed. For example, when Paige had to kill her boy toy back in California, that’s when I think Kat and Caleb should have gone to London. I say that because Paige wanted Kat and Caleb not contact her for a while after she killed her boy toy, so Kat and Caleb were going to be busy in London anyway, so that would have been perfect timing.

My second to last problem is that I had with this book was the Kat and Caleb in London storyline. I wished that this storyline was elaborated a little bit more and drawn out more.

My last problem with the book is the amount of intimate relations that Kat and Caleb had in the book. I mean, I get that the characters are over 18 and that the characters are lovers. However, is it really necessary for the author to that Kat and Caleb had intimate relations several times through the book?

A Bloody London Sunset

Sunrise At Sunset Review

So, I finished reading Sunrise At Sunset by Jaz Primo. Personally, I liked the basic premise of the story. It’s refreshing to read a vampire book where the vampire is a female and the human Significant Other is a male. However, I have a few problems with the story. One thing was that the interactions between the main characters with non-main characters. I found the interactions between main characters and non-main characters to be extremely shallow. I mean, don’t get me wrong. The interactions between main characters and secondary characters shouldn’t really get into extreme detail because the secondary characters are just secondary characters. The secondary characters shouldn’t be as fleshed out as the main characters. I mean, for example, the main male character of Caleb is a history professor. While I don’t expect him to be talking to every single one of his students in every school scene, I would think that the author would have at least put in one or two conversations between Caleb and one of his students, whether or not it’s an in depth conversation. Anyway, another thing that I have a problem with is that I thought the story of the South American vampire and how the main female character of Katrina dealt with her was a bit rushed. I mean, not to reveal too much spoilers, but Katrina was able to “take care” of the South American vampire, for the most part, by the three-fourths mark of the book? I mean, the way that the South American vampire plot line was wrapped up felt a bit rushed. It didn’t help much that what happened in between the South American vampire’s supposed death three-fourths of the way into the book and her actual death was a bit long. It would have been nice to either have the South American vampire die within one or chapters, or maybe have her come back alive and threatening Caleb and Katrina as a cliffhanger for the next book. Anyway, another thing I have a problem with is that the author put a little bit too much emphasis on what the characters are wearing or doing. Again, I get that no story can go on without knowing what the characters are doing, and depending on the story, what they’re wearing, but there is a line where explaining what the character is wearing or doing is overkill. Anyway, my last problem is that I wish that there was a little bit more information on vampires in general in this book. I mean, I don’t expect for a full blown vampire history mythology to be fleshed out by the time the author writes the first book, but I would have liked to have seen a little bit more of a vampire history or mythology to have been revealed. Anyway, that’s my review of Sunrise At Sunset by Jaz Primo.

Sunrise At Sunset

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