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These Are Not My Pants Update

Back in October, I wrote a post about this Supernatural music video and how it reminded me of Whitney Houston. In the original post, I said that I couldn’t find a clip of Kathy Griffin’s impression of how Whitney Houston said Bobby’s name on the show Being Bobby Brown. Anyway, the reason why I’m updating the original is the fact that I finally found a clip of Kathy Griffin doing her impression of Whitney Houston. The part is around 7 minutes and 57 seconds in. Anyway, enjoy.

These Are Not My Pants vs. Whitney Houston

I found this Supernatural music video recently. Anyway, the part where Sam says “Bobby” reminded me of when Kathy Griffin was talking about Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown on one of her TV specials. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a clip of that specific moment. Anyway, if you know which clip I’m talking about, then you’ll see where I’m coming from. I just thought it was funny.

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