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Disney: 1990s vs. 2000s

As I was doing my “research” for all of my classic Disney related blogs, I noticed that there were quite a few of comments that said that the movies from the ’90s are so much better than the more recent stuff. Case in point would the comment that veranasy16 made. This person said that he/she misses old Disney and the he/she won’t get bored watching stuff like The Lion King no matter how old he/she gets. Now, I’m a bit biased because I was raised on the ’90s movies and whatnot, but I have to agree with comments like that. I’m not saying the stuff nowadays is crap, but there’s a reason why the classics are called classics. I can’t really explain it. I think what it might be is the stuff from the ’90s is the best of cartoon animation. The current stuff, I think, is the best of computer animation. Although, I think stuff like High School Musical is kinda crappy. Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

“One Of Us”

I don’t know why I thought of this but I thought of this movie that I had to watch for my Freaks and Monsters class. Anyway, the movie was Tod Browning’s 1932 Freaks. The movie was about this traveling circus that has people that have physical conditions. Anyway, in the wedding scene, everybody but Cleopatra, the trapeze artist/bride, Hans, the little person/groom, and Hercules, the Strongman/Cleo’s lover, were chanting “one of us” because they accepted Cleopatra as one of them. Anyway, the point that my teacher brought up was the same as my Phantom of the Opera/Beauty and the Beast post. The movie influenced other types of media. One case is I, Robot. The scene that I’m referring to is when Sonny is running from Will Smith’s character. When Sonny is running, he hides himself in the huge group of robots. When Will’s character questions the robots, they were like “one of us” in regards to Sonny. I, Robot is not the only movie that was influenced by Freaks. I didn’t know this but there was a South Park episode and Pinhead by the Ramones that makes references to the movie. Anyway, I just found it interesting. Oh, and for more information on Freaks, you can go to this website.

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South Park

Trashin’ The Camp and Stomp!

I was surfing youtube the other day and stumbled across the scene where Terk, Tantor, and their friends found Jane’s camp from the 1999 movie of Tarzan.  Anyway, I was reading some of the comments and one of the comments was the scene reminded the person of Stomp!  Anyway, as I watched the scene again, I thought the same thing.  Trashin’ The Camp does remind me of Stomp!  Because if you think about it, both use non-traditional instruments to play percussion music.  I just found that interesting. BTW, I had to laugh at the reference to Mrs. Potts and Chip from the 1991 movie version of The Beauty And The Beast.

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